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In anticipation of Dragonball Fighter Z (a game with mixed opinions in the respawning camp) we’re talking about our favourite games based on anime


I only have one title in my mind and that’s YU-GI-OH Forbidden memories! This game is such an absolute fucking gem, and really captures the magic of the anime (albeit a very kiddy anime). This was the first game I remember buying with my own money, and I never regretted it. Such a classic!

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The other big one for me is Digimon world, I spent hours playing this game when I was young. Althought the Digimon anime played second fiddle to Yu-gi-oh and Pokemon for me (and the card game did) I loved this game, i suppose it satiated my appetite for a 3d open world monster capture game. Funny that all these year later i’m still playing Digimon and yu-gi-oh games.

Another thing that came to mind (even though the game was first) is the original street fighter anime. I actually prefer the anime to the games, if you haven’t checked it out you need to!


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A lot the anime games I’ve played have pretty much just been Dragonball related. From Buu’s Fury to the Tenakichi series I’ve played loads. My favorite though has to be Dragonball Z Budokai 3. It is probably the best DBZ out there next to FighterZ. Another great game based of anime is the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fighter on the PS1 and Dreamcast which is probably the closest thing we’re gonna get to a proper JoJo fighter for a long long time, Fist of the North Star also has an amazing fighter with some of the most hype and bullshit mechanics I’ve seen in a fighter. And speaking of Fist of the North Star that new game made by the Yakuza team has got me hype beyonf belief so I can’t wait for that.


So with my favourite anime series being Dragonball is it going to surprise anyone that a Dragonball game is my favourite???? No? of course not! Boudokai Tenkaichi 2 will forever be the highlight of anime games for me. My friend and I used to sink hours into the imagined multi fighter match ups and tested out each of the characters finishers and transformations.

With the massive roster from all 3 major series and a huge selection of nigh on fully destructible maps this game was a must have for any fan of the series! In fact the only flaw I found was the issues with character balancing. Some were just leaps and bounds beyond the others with a rule being set among my friends that NO ONE could use Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta since that was basically akin to cheating! Just reminiscing now is making me keen to dust off my PS2 and get a few more rounds in before I’m lost to FighterZ!


Anime is for nerds, something which I (An undergrad who writes for a gaming and film publication) obviously am not. But, there was one… No, surely not. Not that one. Surely that’s just pointing out the obvious…

You know what? Fuck it.

Pokemon was, along with Bionicle and Star Wars, one of the three pillars of my childhood. I wasn’t a big trader- I only had the one friend who played too, after all. Instead, I was all about collecting across generations- hooking up a Game boy advance to another game boy advance and then putting

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