Welcome to Respawning’s Games Club! The purpose of this is to get a bunch of us together every Monday to allow us the chance to chat shit about whatever takes our fancy in the world of video games! Today we’re going to be talking about our favourite ever remasters… From HD Collections to total reboots like the new Ratchet & Clank, it’s all on the table!


There are a tonne of remasters out there and nowadays it almost seems like a company’s go to when they don’t know what to release. Sometimes it’s a great idea, I’m particularly looking forward to the Assassin’s Creed: Rogue remaster as I never played the original. More often than not I don’t bother to play remasters as there are so many games I want to play I don’t want to go back and replay an old game, especially when it’s not even a generation old.

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Recently I have played the Double Dragon remaster, by God I enjoyed that, some good old fashioned couch coop that you just don’t get nowadays. I’m also playing the crash bandicoot remasters which have actually really impressed me, and this is when remasters really work. I suppose that Skyrim VR is a remaster which is just bloody amazing….


Crash. Bandicoot. In my eyes there has never been a remaster which is so faithful and brilliant as the rebuilding of ALL THREE Crash Bandicoot games from the ground up. It managed to retain the full charm of when I played through the games as a kid with an incredibly beautiful fresh coat of paint!

I have also been playing through a fair bit of the remasters of the two Metro games on PS4 which simply improves on the original games with a slightly updated coat of paint and lighting effects which is real nice. The other remaster I play a lot (not sure if it counts but this is my section fuck you) is the Dark Souls 2: Scholar Of The First Sin edition, what I liked about this is that whilst the game is mostly still the original but ported to the PS4 there has been a few enemy changes as well as the bundling of all the DLC packs..

I know it isn’t here yet and not really the purpose of this particular post but I am so worried about the Final Fantasy 7 remake, I can’t understand how Square Enix haven’t realised that all we wanted was updated graphic but the same gameplay and storytelling style…. Not Final Fantasy 15 inside FF7 WITH PAYABLE CHAPTER.

Jesus Christ.


To say I’m a big fan of modding is a bit of an understatement, as my 2nd ever article for the site will attest. So, I was really excited when Skyrim: Special Edition was announced.

I’ve criticized the creation club’s handling in the past, but we have to praise Bethesda for one thing: they made modding on console a thing. That’s a big deal. A massive deal, even. And for that, I tip that hat to them. Technologically, and culturally, that’s a massive achievement, and I’m of the opinion that 15 years from now, we’ll be looking at it as the start of something very important, and really cool.

Other than that, I’m pretty cynical on most remasters. Day of the tentacle, Grim Fandango, and Age of Empires 2 and 3? Good Remasters. The Handsome collection? Eh, acceptable. But had Skyrim: SE come without the modding tools? Nah, I wouldn’t have been too happy.


I’ve never been someone who’s jumped onto the remastered bandwagon. I never had the games consoles to play games like Crash Bandicoot or Banjo-Kazooie. I the result meant I never got the hype around the classic remasters and the nostalgia that came with it. Instead, it’s the modern games that have been remastered that I love.

In recent years we’ve had remasters of borderlands in the form of the Handsome Collection, combining a remaster of Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequal, continuing the awesome looting system that we know today with the bazillion guns that can be found. Now we just need a remaster of the original game. The other remaster in recent history that I love has got to be The Last Of Us Remastered for PS4 (yes, I know, I’m still going on about this game). With a story that was damn near perfect and graphics that where updated, the game can only be described as one of my favourites.

Now if there was a game that I wanted to be remastered, it needs to be one of my favourite racing games of all time, Midnight Club. If I could choose an iteration I would choose 3 DUB Edition. But to be fair, I would still be happy with a reboot of the series instead.