Well I can’t say I saw this coming. Against Gravity, the creators of REC room have today announced a free update which will bring a battle royale mode to the game.

The update is due to be rolled out on the 7th June.

Their battle royale mode will take place in a national park and will pit 16 players against each other. The landscape will include summer camps, mountains, forests, outposts, ravines, lakes, and loads of loot for scavenging.

There will be a new backpack system for storing loot and  quick swapping multiple weapons and power-ups. Like all Rec Room activities, it will be cross platform and free. Players logging in with PlayStation Plus will receive an exclusive paintball burst rifle skin, but Rec Room does not require PlayStation Plus.

If you’d like an early peek at Rec Royale there will be a public alpha test for players with a registered Rec Room account from Friday 25th May to Sunday 27th May.