With the first week of Fortnite‘s Season 6 coming to a close, some out there might still be in a dash to complete the weekly challenges. To help with that, we’ve compiled a helpful map (below, and detailed exact locations of 12 different spotlights (though you only need to dance under 7 total – this list will just help you choose which you want to go for).

1. Lazy Links

You’ll find the first spotlight out at the golf course’s parking lot, located just outside the country club building.

2. Pleasant Park

At the north-east corner of this little slice of suburbia, you’ll find part of an overgrown street, a lone blue sedan, and your next spotlight.

3.Tomato Temple

Ok, I sort of lied – it’s not Tomato Temple itself, but the tunnel that goes through the mountain directly south of it that’ll have the spotlight.

4. Indoor Soccer Field

Between the eatery and the storage shed outside the indoor soccer field, you’ll find a spotlight on the street.

5. Tilted Tower

The the end of the street running through the middle of the district is a little parking lot; you’ll find your spotlight there.

6. Tilted Tower (Again)

Around the corner from the previous spotlight, on the south-left part of the area, you’ll find a road with a parking lot at the end; the spotlight sits where the two meet.

7. Retail Row

This spotlight is located in the north-east part of the area, specifically the suburban part. You’ll find it outside the fenced-off dumpsters.

8. Greasy Grove

This spotlight is pretty well hidden; it’s in the parking lot infront of the restaurant, but there’s several similar lampposts all around, including that cheeky one right on top of it!

9. Fatal Fields

This spotlight is just in front of the abandoned stables at the north of the region, right out in the open.

10. Unnamed Factory District

This spotlight is located in the unnamed factory district to the north-east of Flush Factory – it’s out in the open, along the southern road entering the area. It looks like the devs forgot to remove the regular lamppost the spotlight is in place of, and the two can be seen clipping through eachother.

11. Desert Scrapyard

South of Paradise Palms, you’ll find a small scrapyard off the highway – at the western-most part of this lot you’ll find a spotlight, just waiting for you to dance under.

12. Gas N’ Go Oasis

Right outside the gaspumps of this middle-of-nowhere pitstop (though realistically, it’s just a little east of Spotlight 10 down the desert highway), you’ll find this spotlight.

And there you have it. Good luck, and happy hunting!