During Fortnite’s PAX West ‘Summer Skirmish’ stream, Epic went into details about the upcoming event known as ‘High Stakes’. The event, a heist, will also usher in a new mode (‘Getaway’) as well as a grappling hook.

High Stakes will be the first instance of Getaway mode in the game; four safes will drop around the map, and players are required to break into them, steal the jewel llama inside, and make it back to the extraction point alive. The grappling hook, known as ‘The Grappler’, will allow players to shoot and zip towards higher ground. Whether the item will be available outside of Getaway mode, or if the mode will stay around outside of events, is not yet known.

The High Stakes event will also offer the chance for players to unlock playing card themed heist skins and masks. The event is scheduled to commence on all platforms next week. The Fortnite stream, revealing High Stakes and Grappler gameplay, may be found here.