Fallout: 76 has stunned the gaming community once again, as the title – which had already gone on discount for Black Friday sales – goes on a further discount only a day later, on Amazon. The move is unprecedented, considering Fallout: 76 only launched about a week ago.

Before it’s launch last week, the regular edition of Fallout: 76 could be pre-ordered for around $59.99USD, and yesterday, that price was knocked down to $40USD – a move many did not expect of the newly released AAA title. At time of writing, it can now be bought for a mere $35USD at various retailers.

This move, whilst certainly unexpected, is perhaps understandable given context – the game has received an avalanche of bad press, lambasting design decisions like having no NPCs or end-goal for the title, through to commentary on the large array of bugs and exploits pockmarking the title, and more serious concerns like a lack of basic security encryption. That being said, though, loyal fans who pre-ordered the title are far from pleased about the move.

Considering the previous discount of $40USD was matched by Bethesda’s own storefront, it is hard not to think that the company is simply sending the tile out to die at this point – and with rumours that Fallout: 76 had no sales figures to meet and that ‘getting it out the door’ was the company’s priority, that seems a real possibility. All we can do is hope Bethesda follows through on its promise to fix the game up, and take this as a lesson on the dangers of pre-order culture.