It’s that time of year again! Sony just held their Playstation Meeting 2016 and unveiled two new consoles:

Playstation 4 Slim

The Playstation 4 Slim was announced, and is releasing on September 15th for £259 in the UK, and boasts the same internals as the original PS4, just at a lower price point.

Playstation 4 Pro

The Playstation 4 Pro was announced as well; this upgraded version of the PS4 contains 4K compatible hardware, a highly upgraded GPU (More than twice the current PS4 GPU’s power), a boosted CPU clock rate, and a standard 1TB HDD. The Playstation 4 Pro will release on November 10th for the price point of £349.


Playstation 4: HDR Firmware Update

Another minor thing unveiled was a new Firmware Update releasing next week for all PS4 consoles, that brings HDR (High-Definition Rendering) to the PS4, allowing games to make extensive use of better godrays, lens effects and particle effects at a minimal performance loss.

Misc. Gameplay

Other than that, gameplay for Spider-Man (2016), For Honour, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs 2, Killing Floor 2, Days Gone, Uncharted 4 and Infamous Second Sun: First Light were shown running on the new PS4 Pro, at 1080p, 30fps.

On-top of that, new Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay was shown, displaying ziplines, and a small section of beast climbing and combat. New CoD Infinite Warfare gameplay was also presented, showing a new mission from the campaign on a space station nearing the sun, overrun by corrupt soldier robots.

New Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay was also shown, showing off one of the game’s ‘vaults’, some new enemies, platforming and cutscenes too, also at 1080p, 30fps.

What did you think of Sony’s Playstation Meeting? Will you be buying one of these new consoles? Let us know below!