During the annual Tokyo Game Show, D3 Publisher announced that it would be taking the latest iteration of its popular xeno-bug killing combat title, Earth Defense Force 5, to Western markets. The game is slated for release on the Playstation Store in the US this December 11th.

Earth Defense Force 5 was initially released in Japan on December of last year, and whilst previous iterations of the franchise have been localised by publisher XSEED Games, it appears that this time D3 Publisher has handled the translation in-house. The title will be available in a Standard and Deluxe edition, retailing around $59.99 USD and $89.99 USD respectively. The Deluxe edition will contain the Star Burst and Decoy Launcher (Pale Wing) weapons, as well as 12 variations to other weapons and support equipment in game. Furthermore, the Deluxe edition will include two mission packs – Extra Challenge and Super Challenge – and a special EDF theme for the Playstation 4.

All pre-orders will get access to 16 variations on the Decoy Launcher, the exclusive Volcanic Cracker weapon for the Wing Diver class, as well as a gold coated Powered Exoskeleton Nix.

The Earth Defense Force franchise is a series of spectacle action-shooter titles, placing players in various open maps and tasking them with objectives whilst an invading alien menace threatens Japan. The latest offering of the 15 year old franchise boasts the introduction of human-like enemies for the first time, four player co-op, and over 1000 weapons. Whilst the series has occasionally made its way to the Xbox and PC, it is unknown if Earth Defense Force 5 will one day follow suit. Additionally, release dates for non-US regions are yet to be announced. The official trailer for the title may be found below.