Bandai Namco today announced the second FighterZ pass for their hit fighting game, Dragonball FighterZ.

The pass contains 6 characters in total, with 4 announced. Jiren, Universe 11’s strongest Pride Trooper and one of the few combatants able to stand up to Goku’s ‘Mastered Ultra Instinct’; Videl, Gohan’s loving wife and Mr Satan’s daughter, has teamed up with the great Saiyaman to lay the smackdown on her foes! The monstrous Broly also gains a new form, with his Dragonball Super design marking his second appearance on the roster; finally, Gogeta goes max power in his Super Saiyan Blue form to fight toe-to-toe with the threat of rivals such as Broly and Jiren!

As of the time of writing, two more unannounced characters are to be included in the second FighterZ pass; we presume these characters will most likely be God of Destruction Toppo, and Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku… But that’s just speculation!

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