Doom is known for its brutality and awesomeness but is the sequel as satisfying and bone crunching as its predecessor? Keep reading to find out.

You may have not played the previous DOOM, so in case you don’t know, the story is essentially that earth has been overrun by demons and you’re a big bad ass dude who’s task it is to take them out with a shotgun and chainsaw. This particular entry to the series has lots of nods to the past and surprise appearances for long time fans of the series but I can’t say much more on this, you’ll need to play to find out! What you need to know is you’re in a huge ship (it’s like a level in itself with plenty to unlock and explore) orbiting Earth which teleports you down to kick some demon butt. The leaders of the demon’s essentially think it’s impossible for you to stop them but you’ll stop at nothing to ensure they don’t succeed.

So is this one more of the same? Being a huge fan of the PS4 entry (not really having played previous entries) I did have a slight worry it would be, but there’s nothing here that feels like a rehash of what I’d played before, which is great as I owned that game in the VR and non VR formats. Having to explore and plan really adds a lot more to this game and the levels are built to make you want to do this, due to the design being absolutely stellar. I felt there was a lot more variation and particularly liked some of the level themes, for example there are some awesome medieval Europe inspired levels, proper ‘DOOM’ lava levels and even Arctic tundras. Sometimes I got a bit lost in where I wanted to go but often that led to me finding a secret or power up. There’s a lot more platforming and puzzle solving in this one and the areas just feel bigger, simply put you’re not going to get bored as you’re moving from puzzle solving to platforming in between ripping demon’s arms off. The levels are bigger and better than ever before, that’s what you need to know. 

The action and sound is where the game really shines, although nothing about this game is dull. I felt I had to play this one a lot smarter than the previous game as you are punished for not taking out a certain enemy quickly or destroying their cannon attachment, because they’ll just pepper you from a distance whilst the enemies in your immediate vicinity distract you. You have to fight within your means often with low ammo so you are forced to use all of your different abilities to collect ammo, armor and health. Its much tougher but it makes you think more about what you’re doing which in turn leads you to play the levels how they should be experienced. Not just running and gunning and hoping for the best, which is often how I play this type of game. Its worth mentioning at this point that I have 2 play throughs, one on easy and one on medium, which is still a challenge. I highly advise you all to play on at least medium simply because you’re forced to explore the game more and play the game as it should be experienced. 

So what’s actually new about the game. We’ve been blessed with new weapons/abilities such as a shoulder mounted flame thrower that leads to armour drops, an ice bomb which does exactly what it says on the tin and blood punch, an ability you build up and when charged 1 punch can take out a whole group of enemies. There are also many new weapons and weapon upgrade including an awesome meat hook attachment for your shotgun which quickly closes the gap for up close fun and the weapon we’ve all been talking about, the Doomblade, and there’s nothing bad that can be said about this; it simply makes you feel like an insanely violent swordsman. The glory kills have been revamped and I’ve found myself using them a lot more, a glory klll is activated when an enemy is about to die and its staggered/flashing, by clicking the right stick you’ll charge towards it and finish it off in a fatality type fashion, depending on where you approach it from each enemy has multiple glory kills to be performed on it, you must make use of these as you’re rewarded with lots of health and I really found that I didn’t want to kill enemies in any other way. Lastly there are slayer gates, these are quite simply challenge areas which are really fun but will really test your ability (I’m yet to actually finish one) the game even recommends that you may have to come back when you have better upgrades! 

Onto the sound, as before the Mick Gordon soundtrack builds around everything in such a perfect way that makes this whole experience just so much more metal and awesome, you’ll slowly build with big heavy guitars until you hit the combat area when the whole thing really kicks up and goes full heavy metal. Being a metal head anyway this makes the whole experience so perfect, the sound is always behind you going at the perfect pace for whatever you may be doing, constantly carrying you through and inspiring you to not stop ripping and tearing.

This game is a masterpiece and there honestly isn’t anything I can mark it down for, it isn’t a simple fps game – it’s an amazing, perfectly built, action game which has something for every level of player and really shouldn’t be missed by anyone. Please be aware there will be another write up on this as I’m currently not able to play battle mode. From my experience so far I have to give DOOM Eternal a:

10 / 10

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