I was really interested in The Division 1, but never actually got round to playing it. I missed it in the first couple of weeks of release then heard it wasn’t a great product upon release (Seems to be a Clancy games trope), and then never got interested again once it was fixed.

…So here Ubisoft announce The Division 2, piquing my interest again… So in case you can’t be bothered to look into what it’s all about, and are maybe half-considering getting this game, I’ve done all the digging for you.

Firstly this game releases on the 15th March 2019, 3 years after the first instalment – This time the game takes place in Washington DC in the summer instead of the previous games’ snowy New York (There best be a section of gameplay in a run down White House)! The game focuses around you and some buddies who have been sent in to save Washington from collapsing, you are a Division member; a civilian agent. Impressively Ubisoft advertise Washington as a 1:1 replica of real life, unlike anything before it, meaning time spent in-game will feel even more realistic (That is if you’ve visited Washington).

The idea is that your team has to head in to DC to take on enemy factions that are trying to take the city for themselves; and you’re the only ones equipped to take these enemies on – You can do this alone or cooperatively with a good buddy. To me this sounds like it has amazing co-op potential, something for which these games are known for. I’d love to set up a team of 4 as we tactically take on the decrepit streets of DC, sending one in on foot whilst another snipes and another monitors with a drone.

As with many Clancy games there are different agents who have a different set of skills and tools they can use, although it seems this is not set, and you can choose what to customise and bring in to battle. The game advertises that agents you play as and their gear as being fully customisable, as you will find lots of weapons and armour items that can be adapted to your style of play. When reaching higher levels you unlock more exotic items and unique specialisations when coming into the endgame, growing your arsenal even further.

New skills that will be available on launch are:

Assault Drone – A remote device that can act as your eyes in the sky as well as another weapon.
Chem Launcher – This has various uses as it can shoot many different chemicals. Varying from explosive vapors and corrosive acids to repairing nano bots.
Hive – Primarily this is a defensive tool but it can also launch small drones that unleash an attack in the immediate area.
Seeker Mine – This locks on to your nearest enemy and rolls towards them, exploding upon impact.

As well as the game’s main campaign you can also compete in a PVP mode in which you can test your skills against other players and their modified characters – At the moment these modes are set to a simple deathmatch and a kind of capture the flag mode, where you need to hold bases. I’m sure that there will be more modes added, especially as free DLC has been promised.

So you may get to the end of the game and reach level 30, but Ubisoft have already planned ahead for those that will want more. At level 30, as I mentioned above, you will unlock new specialisations:

Survivalist – As this ‘class’ you will be able to use traps and status effects. Your special weapon is a precision crossbow which can take enemies down no matter the environment.
Demolitionist – If stealth isn’t your thing then this will be the way to go, this is the one for you if you want to destroy everything in your way. Your signature weapon is a grenade launcher, what else do you need to know.
Sharpshooter – Essentially your sniper of the lot, this is the way to go if you want to control things from afar. Unsurprisingly this will provide you with a powerful sniper rifle.

As well as these new classes, you will also unlock new co-op missions which promise to be the toughest challenge yet, and according to the official website ‘New content will be added regularly to The Division 2, and players will have access to a full year of free story-driven missions, map expansions and new game features.’ seeming that they have a long term plan.

After doing this digging in to what the game is about and what it provides, I’m definitely more excited for it. My only concern would be that it has no story past ‘help Washington survive’, but then all you can hope for is amazing gameplay and customisation which the first game had. Watch this space for the Respawning Division team!