Recently revealed by Xbox Portugal of all places, Devil May Cry V’s ‘The Game Awards’ trailer has just debuted – Showing off more gameplay for the mysterious character V, more story details revolving around Nero, Dante and the game’s villain, Urizen, and the announcement of an Xbox One-exclusive demo which will be releasing TOMORROW!

Also announced in the trailer is the return of the Bloody Palace, a staple in the Devil May Cry games which will challenge even the most hardcore fans to their wits’ ends. Bloody Palace will release in April 2019 as a free content update, similar to DmC Devil May Cry  – The trailer focuses heavily on the three playable characters, Nero, Dante and V, showcasing V’s gameplay for the first time.

Due to V’s physical impediments, his combat is a lot slower, and focuses a lot more on familiar summoning – of which he can make use of a falcon, a tiger and a golem – in conjunction with manipulating space through explosive glass shards and illusion-crafting, such as hologram projection – This leads to some interesting variance in gameplay, where V can mount on the shoulder of his golem to engage in a Kaiju-like battle with one of the game’s already revealed bosses, Balrog.


Credit to Gamespot for reuploading the TGA2018 Trailer.

Interestingly, when V uses his familiars to their fullest extent, his dark hair turns into a pure white tone, mimicking that of Dante’s, Virgil’s and Nero’s – It could indicate some connection to one of the three, or to the common ancestor between the group, Sparda. Also showcased was a variety of weapons for Dante, from the Kalina Ann to the return of Cerberus, to the new Faust Hat weapon and Cavalier motorbike blades.

All in all Devil May Cry V is shaping up to be an extremely exciting, and dramatic, entry in the Devil May Cry series, and we cannot contain our hype any longer.