A new character trailer has been released for Demon Gaze II

The trailer also shows off the various demons you will encounter and capture through your adventure. By using “Demonize” players can unleash a demon’s true potential!

Check out the trailer here:


The characters include:

The Revolutionist Party’s leader and manager of Stella’s Place, their headquarters. She is the MC for the Overthrow Radio program, on which she exposes injustices.
Muse’s younger sister. Has an incomparable singing voice. She sings “Starlita” on Overthrow Radio for all listeners to hear.
A mysterious girl. She is the Revolutionists’ broadcast writer and part-time mortician.
A reliable man who supports the revolution. He runs the Weapon and Item Shop inside Stella’s Place
A black-market radio dealer who supports the Revolutionists. He tends to go missing often…
An energetic butler who works at Stella’s Place