So I’m a day late writing this but I needed a little time to calm down after seeing the gameplay trailer for the upcoming Dead Space Remake. Now anyone that has watched The Bear’s Den on YouTube will probably know I am a fan of basically two games, Alan Wake (don’t worry I’ll have a ton of videos and articles on the upcoming sequel soon) and Dead Space. Dead Space is up there as one of my favourite games of all time. The silent protagonist of Isaac Clarke is on his way to the USG Ishimura to reunite his girlfriend…wife maybe…Nicole but when he arrives the ship has been over run with gruesome alien nasties and its awesome.

It’s no secret that the reason this game is coming out is because EA saw The Calisto Protocol getting some lovely fan traction and thought to themselves “shit people actually want a game like Dead Space…well we can do that” and in all honesty I am so happy it’s happening, it could lead to a remake of DS 2 and 3 or hell we may even get DS 4.

As per usual I have gone off on a full on tangent and not spoken about the actual subject, the new game play trailer of the Remake came out yesterday and I think I need new trousers. It shows for the basic enemies and new look Ishimura and gives us a good indicator that the game itself is gonna be the same game maybe with some minor tweaks to how Isaac moves but the most exciting thing is the fact that Isaac now talks…In the original he only grunted and never got a word in, now though Gunner Wright is back and probably as snarky as ever and this has me hyped! The way the story played out in the original was Isaac was a dogs body just a dude being told to do all the work and saving the day but now he can talk we can actually get some insight in to how Isaac feels about what is happening on the doomed planet cracker, we may here his concerns about finding Nicole and seeing her in random areas with out getting to close or how he may feel about what his fellow crew mates are up too and the whole Unitology religion/Cult, It’s quite honestly the thing I am looking forward to the most…hell I’ve even decided that I’m gonna play the game on it’s hardest difficulty available and only use the plasma cutter on my first play trough just t eel alive hahaha.

Anyway are you excited for the Remake or just plain indifferent. Remember FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR MARKER! Check out the trailer below.

Don’t forget to be nice to each other an have great day.

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