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Mainlining releasing January 26th, 2017

Merge Games and Rebelephant are proud to announce the imminent release of Mainlining – the point and click hacking adventure on January 26, 2017.

After MI7 has been hacked, your primary goal is to bring a cyber-criminal network to justice. Played entirely from within the environment of your computer’s desktop, Mainlining is a thrilling point and click hacking adventure that features a gripping narrative which will have you hooked from the very first case. Mainlining is the first title from Sam Read’s Rebelephant. Having tasted success as part of the team behind indie-hit, Dream Sam formed Rebelephant as a vehicle for him to work alongside some of the games industry’s most creative individuals.

The entire game takes place on the simulated desktop of the protagonist’s computer. Assuming the role of a newly recruited Secret Intelligence Service MI7 agent and working within the remit of the Blu Pill Act (a bill that allows the powers that be access to all online personal data), players must use their skill, judgement and cunning to gather evidence by hacking suspects’ computers and phones. Move in too quickly and you may miss leads linking your case to much higher profile cyber-criminals. Act too slowly and your suspect may detect you and escape.

Mainlining will be launched on PC / Mac / Linux on January 26, 2017, with a price tag of $9.99 / €9.99 / £6.99 – available on Steam, Humble Bundle (pre-order available from Thursday, January 19, 2017) and other digital portals. A deluxe version including Jared Emerson-Johnson’s original soundtrack and a digital book featuring Dave Grey’s pixel art-work will also be available.

Save the Ninja Clan releasing January 20th

Save the Ninja Clan is a platformer for casual players as well as speed runners. There are two ways to play this game: play through the normal story mode or find secrets/”bugs” in the game to annoy the Game Manager watching.

An evil ninja kidnapped your friends. You must collect scrolls in order to find your friends and save them. You will play as different ninjas as the journey progresses. Each ninja has a different ability: Green ninja has a double jump, Purple Ninja has a sprint, and the Grey Ninja has a dash (with temporary invincibility).

You can annoy the “Game Manager” by finding secrets/”bugs” in the game. Eventually he will get tired of you breaking the current level and send you off to the next one.

– 30 Unique Levels.
– Secrets/Bugs in all non boss levels.
– 3 Ninja types with different abilities.
– 3 Boss Fights.
– Game too hard or too easy? Adjust the game speed.
– You can unlock knife modifications.
– Many stats are tracked.
– Replays that show previous attempts.
– Secret ending which unlocks something secret.

STEAM price just 0.99$ with -20% discount for the first week!

Little Bigfoot Heads Down Under in “Way Outback” Update

Epic adventure awaits with “Little Bigfoot,” the mobile game where you use stealth and guile to collect and play with a host of mythological creatures. Currently available in open beta on the Google Play App Store and in select countries on iOS and Amazon, “Little Bigfoot” has added a new character, the pudgy yet swift Yowie, as well as the the “Way Outback” world map.

The latest update also brings three new purchasable crates to the shop, as well as new tooltips and some bug fixes. This follows a recent, massive update that added three new characters – Old Yellow Top, the Urayuli, and the paralyzing Slenderman. Also added were new level maps, global leaderboards, social sharing, a card collection system for unlocking new species and  unique passive abilities including invisibility, speed and decoys.

Want to make your voice heard and shape the development of the game? Download the Google Play Beta and become a tester at Google Play. Players in select countries can download the beta on iOS and Amazon.

Collect or Die – Out January 26th 2017!

Collect or Die is a hardcore retro platformer with dynamic ragdoll physics and over the top gore!

Watch through the eyes of a CCTV operator as test subjects advance through a series of ever more deadly test chambers. The goal is simple, collect every coin in each chamber… of course its not as easy as it sounds with a wide variery of traps ranging from saws and thwomps to lasers and sentries you’ve got your work cut out for you, failure isn’t all bad though, you can just watch your stickman die in brutal & hilarious ways instead.


  • Dynamic ragdoll physics & dismemberment.
  • 40 levels across 4 stages (more coming soon).
  • Variety of traps & hazards.
  • Tilt Controls with adjustable sensitivity.
  • Achievements & Leaderboards.

The game ships with 40 levels, 40 more will be added periodically after release which will include new traps, challenges and a conclusion to the game when the final levels are complete.

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