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Strafe murders it’s way onto PC March 28th!

Independent developer Pixel Titans and virtual murder peddlers Devolver Digital have announced that the greatest game of all time, STRAFE, will release on PC March 28 whether you like it or not.

STRAFE is a roguelike first-person shooter that’s pushing the limits of computer-generated photorealism and hardcore sci-fi action into unimaginable territory. You’re a Scrapper on a impossibly dangerous mission at the edge of the galaxy, you only have one life to navigate all the nightmarish terrains of STRAFE. When you die, nothing will ever be the same again.

The game is fast and dynamic with over 30 weapons and over 20 blood thirsty enemies.

STRAFE has amazing bleeding edge features such as:

  • Endless levels! Every game load creates a unique and new level with billions of possibilities!
  • 100% Virtualised “real” environments
  • ÜBER-GORE ® Tech
  • BLAZING Fast gameplay and responsive controls
  • Realtime first person upright biped simulation
  • Full-Featured 3d projection matrices
  • Unsigned 32 bit colours!
  • Coloured lighting!
  • Ultra large resolutions with a unique 16:9 screen ratio
  • Digital Gravity
  • Multidemention poliginal meshes derived from over a thousand unique vertices’s

STRAFE is for hardcore players. It is not recommended for children.

Tobii and Crystal Dynamics announce head and eye tracking features for Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 year celebration!

Tobii, the global leader in eye tracking, and Crystal Dynamics, the award-winning Square Enix studio, today announced that the Steam version of Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration will support multiple eye-tracking features. The title is also one of the first games to combine head and eye tracking functionality powered by the Tobii IS4 platform, found in products like the Alienware 17 gaming notebook, Predator gaming monitors from Acer and Tobii’s eye tracking peripheral, the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C. Available today, gamers can experience even greater levels of immersion as their head and eye movement complement traditional controls to enhance in-game interactions.

Intended to work in concert with traditional PC gaming inputs, eye tracking uses the gamer’s eye movement to create new input modality. Pairing eye tracking with mouse and keyboard or gamepad controls gives gamers a richer experience as they are able to mimic actions that occur in real life, such as looking for cover or aiming at a target.

Toby: The Secret Mine available on Xbox One today

Headup Games is proud to announce today’s Xbox One launch of Toby: The Secret Mine, a beautifully handcrafted puzzle platformer inspired by games like Limbo and Badland. During Toby’s adventure, the players solve challenging puzzles in an otherworldly and hostile scenery while mastering the jump’n’run gameplay passages on the fly.

Toby: The Secret Mine can be purchased for a price of $9.99 / €9,99 / £7.99 directly on your Xbox One or in the Microsoft Store:

To get you in the right mood, take a look at the Xbox One Release Trailer!

Today is YOUR Inauguration Day – Urban Empire Out Now

Kalypso Media is proud to announce the release of Finnish developer Reborn Games’ highly anticipated new ‘City Ruler’ strategy title, Urban Empire on Windows PC. On a day where global politics is preparing itself for one of the most significant leadership shifts in recent memory, it is only fitting that Kalypso is set to introduce its own shift in strategy gaming with the innovative and ambitious Urban Empire. In our pioneering new ‘City Ruler’, we hand power over to you, leaving you to shape not only the physical landscape of your budding metropolis, but the political one as well.

In Urban Empire, players will assume the role of mayor, tasked with founding a new city in the fictional country of Swarelia. Select from one of four distinct families, each with their own values, talents and specializations, and guide them through 200 years of history, from the 1820s through to modern times, as you strive to remain in power whilst battling against the competing political parties who will serve to help or hinder your ambitions depending on your choices and playstyle. Manage your city’s infrastructure, economy, rights, laws, technological progression and cultural identity, forging a unique and personal Urban Empire of your very own!

To celebrate the launch of Urban Empire, Kalypso Media has prepared a launch trailer showing the core goals and mechanics of the game:

  • Watch the Urban Empire launch trailer on YouTube here

Table Top Strategy, Toy Clash is now available in Gear VR

5minlab announced today that it has launched the tabletop strategy game entitled ‘Toy Clash’ playable with Gear VR.
With its uniquely cute and adorable graphics and well-crafted stages, the game will transform its players’ room into a fantasy battle space where magic and strategy are intertwined, providing players with an addictive gameplay experience that has never been achieved in other VR games.

Toy Clash is a tower offense strategy game in which you as a player place toys on the battlefield to protect your tower from enemy’s attack and break down their towers. It’s spatial setting lets the player to feel like they are really in their room. But that’s not simply the end, the players are also able to move these toys with their own hand and see how they are fighting each other.
With 32 well-polished stages to conquer, each of them has a difficulty that is ‘not too hard nor too easy’, inviting players to constantly feel challenging til the end of the game.

The war for SE.RA.PH. has begun, Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star is AVAILABLE NOW

Marvelous Europe today announces that Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star, the highly-anticipated action title set within the much-beloved Fate universe, is available today in all European territories for both PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita. Featuring 16 ‘playable Servants from across the Fate universe across three separate story arcs, Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star aims to provide fans with the quintessential action experience from the point-of-view of a Servant.

In addition to standard retail and digital formats, the game is also available for both platforms in a limited Moon Crux Edition, exclusive to the Marvelous Europe Store (www.marvelousgames.com ), containing a 7.5” by 6.3” hardcover art book featuring over 100 pages of high-quality artwork and backstory from Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star, a pack of sixteen collectible 3” by 5” cards depicting each of the game’s Servants, and a 24” by 17” cloth poster, all housed in a premium presentation box. Furthermore, for the first two weeks following today’s launch, the PlayStation®Store will offer a special PlayStation®Vita digital bundle which will include the core Fate/EXTELLA “PSVita” game, and the exclusive “Cold-Blooded Warden” DLC outfit for the character Gilgamesh.

Marvelous Europe is also pleased to announce our post-launch DLC schedule for Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star. Spread across 5 weeks, each week will provide exclusive costume content for an array of Servants – from swimsuits to formal wear, and everything in-between, there’s sure to be something to please everyone. Fans of Fate/stay night will want to particularly check out Week 5 which will provide alternative models for ‘Saber’, Gilgamesh and ‘Archer’! Check out the attached pictures to see the entire DLC catalogue!

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star features a diverse cast of “Servants” – ancient warriors of legend and imagination, always at their Masters’ orders – who survived the Holy Grail War that took place on the Moon. In a future watched over by the all-powerful lunar super computer Moon Cell Automaton, these champions now battle for dominance over this digital realm, known as “SE.RA.PH.” This story takes place after the events described in Fate/EXTRA, and depicts the world after that previous Holy Grail War.

Why not check out Colin’s review of the game here? https://respawning.co.uk/reviews/colin-reviews-fateextella-umbral-star/

The Moogle Chocobo Carnival is coming to FINAL FANTASY XV

Watch the trailer for the Moogle Chocobo Carnival here:

For a limited time, visit a transformed Altissia to celebrate the Moogle Chocobo Carnival! New side quests as well as a range of new outfits for Noctis and a spectacular fireworks show will all be available to enjoy at this special event starting January 24th!

To access the Altissia celebrations players will need to own a Carnival Passport which can be obtained by purchasing a Holiday Pack.

There are two types of Holiday Packs available for FINAL FANTASY XV:

The Holiday Pack (Free Version) is available to all players and can be downloaded either from the Xbox Games Store or PlayStation®Store
The Holiday Pack + includes exclusive content and can only be downloaded by players who purchased the FINAL FANTASY XV Season Pass
For more details on the Holiday Pack options please click here.

The festivities begin this January 24th (AM)!

The Elder Scrolls: Legends | January ‘Chaos Arena’ Special Event Now Live

The Chaos Arena monthly special event returns to The Elder Scrolls: Legends today as Sheogorath, the Elder Scrolls’ legendary Daedric Prince of Madness, takes over and brings the limited-time PvP mode back to the strategy card game. Chaos Arena alters competitive gameplay by introducing one or more random special scenarios or lane rules into each match. Players will need to adapt their strategies on the fly in every game, accounting for moving cards, surprising bonuses, and possibly crippling effects.

As an added bonus, players that log in to their The Elder Scrolls: Legends account during the event will receive a free card pack, regardless of whether they play Chaos Arena. Card packs will be delivered shortly after the event ends.

The Chaos Arena special event is live now and will continue until Monday, January 23.

Players can also still grab the special Madhouse Collection – a bundle of 10 unique cards available for use in all game modes. Purchasing the Madhouse Collection earns players three copies of each card as well as an Arena Ticket that will allow players to jump into Chaos Arena, or any other Arena mode, right away. These cards are available for purchase either with in-game gold or for money through the store.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Now Available in Europe

Konami Digital Entertainment, B.V. today announces that Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is now available to download from the App Store and Google Play in Europe. Duelists can now go head-to-head in real-time, card battle action.

Since its launch in Japan this past November, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links has seen more than 13 million downloads while reaching #1 ranking for Free App in the App Store and Google Play.

Based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links brings the popular game to life on mobile devices. Duelists can kindle the spirit of Yami Yugi, Seto Kaiba and other beloved characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise in competitive card battle action.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, Duelists can construct the ultimate Deck by choosing from more than 700 authentic Yu-Gi-Oh! cards to play in fast-paced, real-time PvP Duels. The essence of Yu-Gi-Oh! is re-imagined for mobile as players can battle Duelists from all over the world by Summoning Monsters, and playing Spells and Traps in an effort to reduce their opponent’s life points toward victory.

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