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Gunjack 2: End of Shift available now on Google Daydream VR!



Gunjack 2 is developed by CCP Shanghai, which has quickly become world renowned as a leader in the creation of high quality mobile VR experiences. Their previous release, Gunjack, has sold through more than 500,000 units across the four platforms on which it was released – Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR. Gunjack was praised for its breakthrough graphics when it launched on Gear VR in November 2015 and with Gunjack 2, the development team have again raised the bar for mobile VR games.

DaGunjack 2: End of Shift is a fast-paced, space shooter set in EVE Online’s science fiction universe, built from the ground up for mobile VR using Unreal Engine 4. Everyone fights in New Eden. Some fight for power. Others for money. But out on the fringes of known space, most fight simply to see another day. Far from the comforts of civilisation, the vast mining rig, Kubera, is home. As a turret operator charged with defence of the rig and a formidable arsenal at their disposal, players must protect the Kubera and its precious cargo from bandits trying to blow the rig apart.

To see the game in action, watch the launch trailer here: https://youtu.be/YWgreUeKi7Y

Shadow Warrior 2 – The Way of the Wang Free DLC out now!!


Independent developer Flying Wild Hog and free DLC connoisseurs Devolver Digital have released Shadow Warrior 2: The Way of the Wang, a free DLC pack for the hit first-person slasher on Steam and GOG. Shadow Warrior 2 will be 25% off through the weekend to celebrate the launch of the new free DLC.

Shadow Warrior 2’s The Way of the Wang DLC opens up a new area within the game’s hub town, presenting seven special trials for Lo Wang to unlock and overcome. Players will be able to earn new crafting abilities, weapon gem slots, and base weapon upgrade perks upon completing each new trial with the prized Fist of Gozu weapon waiting for those that complete the final Trial of the Ancient God mission. Shadow Warrior 2 fans will also find three new ‘Insane’ difficulty levels for the game and five new achievements awaiting for them in the DLC pack.

Launched in October, Shadow Warrior 2 has been a critical and commercial success for the independent Polish developer Flying Wild Hog. In its first week alone, the sequel enjoyed a fourfold increase in sales over the 2013 Shadow Warrior reboot.

The sequel follows the further misadventures of former corporate shogun and anti-hero, Lo Wang, who after the events of the first game is surviving as a reclusive mercenary on the edge of a corrupted world. The formidable warrior must again wield a devastating combination of guns, blades, magic and wit to strike down the demonic legions overwhelming the world he inadvertently corrupted.

Dragon Quest Heroes II announced for a US & EU Release!


Set in an all-new world with new heroes and story, DRAGON QUEST HEROES II is an action-RPG that sends players on a grand adventure to restore order to a once peaceful world, with thrilling battles of epic proportions along the way. With the addition of multiplayer functionality, players can form a party of up to four online to conquer swarms of enemies and defeat gigantic monsters.

DRAGON QUEST HEROES II brings together a cast of numerous unique characters each with unique moves and abilities, including a host of familiar faces from the DRAGON QUEST series and two brand new heroes to choose from cousins – Lazarel and Teresa.


Once upon a time, many years ago, there was a long and terrible war. When the war finally ended, the people of the world made a solemn pact never to fight again. The world was divided into seven realms and peace reigned for a thousand years.

One day, cousins and fellow knights-in-training Lazarel and Teresa reunite in the Kingdom of Harba, far from their Dunisian home. Little do they suspect that the Dunisian army is about to invade, with their old friend Prince Cesar at the helm.

The long-kept peace is broken and the world descends into chaos. With the aid of High King’s envoy the cousins must travel to Accordia for a meeting with the Supreme Sovereign of the Seven Realms to find a solution and bring back peace to the world!

DRAGON QUEST HEROES II will be available on 28th April 2017, for the PlayStation 4. For more information, visit: www.dragonquest-game.com.

To watch the opening cinematic, visit: http://youtu.be/GYN5lgtdKd8

Zynga releases Dawn of Titans on iOS and Android!


Zynga (Nasdaq:ZNGA), a leading social game developer, today announced the worldwide launch of Dawn of Titans – a next-generation mobile Action Strategy game developed by Zynga’s UK-based studio, NaturalMotion, the makers of CSR Racing 2 and Clumsy Ninja. Dawn of Titans is available globally today on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and Google Play for Android devices.

In Dawn of Titans, players are immersed in a breathtaking, high-fantasy world where they build their own kingdoms, wage war with larger-than-life Titans and compete with their friends in real-time – all from the palm of their hand. The free-to- play social game ushers in a new level of mobile entertainment with stunning visuals and industry-leading battle control mechanics, allowing players to swipe or tap into action while seamlessly deploying and manoeuvring thousands of troops. The game’s deep social features enable players to battle with their friends, join Alliances and Leagues, ascend Leaderboards and reap the spoils of combat.

Dawn of Titans features an original storyline and lore that draws inspiration from fantasy worlds and medieval eras. From the moats, villagers and waterfalls found in a player’s kingdom, to the epic battles and enemy plinths – the game creates a visually compelling 3D experience that supersedes anything found in the mobile Action Strategy category today. Dawn of Titans is further brought to life with a custom soundtrack that dynamically changes depending on where a player is in the game.

Powering Dawn of Titans is NaturalMotion’s proprietary technology and toolset, creating unprecedented visuals, character animation, rendering and depth-of-gameplay. NaturalMotion’s technology has been relied on by some of the biggest theatrical blockbusters and console video games over the last decade. Applying these tools to the mobile platform brings the world of Dawn of Titans to life, giving the Titans dynamic, authentic movement while simultaneously rendering thousands of troops on-screen.

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