Welcome one and all to our new Saturday club feature ‘Controversial club’. As so much of our content is positive, charming and a lovely  read we thought we’d start a weekly article where we can get a bit of rage out, or just generally be dicks! I introduce our controversial club, a place where we can all write about things that get on our nerves, rub us the wrong way and generally go against the norm.

Our first article will be: Our predicted fails for 2018, or the games which won’t live up to the hype.


The two games I have doubts about for this year can go both ways. They can either be fantastic or bomb hard. My first is the new Spider-man game. I love Spider-man and was super excited for this game but after I saw the E3 demo I’m just cautiously optimistic now. It could be some great stuff but it could also be super gimmicky and dumb. The other game I have a feeling will suck is the new God of War, since the first trailer I’ve said that this game just looks off. It doesn’t look anything like GoW and it looks more like a typical parent figure surviving with their son/daughter game that we’ve seen plenty of now. Gameplay looks solid enough but I just have a feeling this game isn’t going to be for me. Besides that I’m looking forward to what this year has in store for us. I hope 2018 is just as amazing as 2017 for gaming and I hope Kiwami 2 gets announced for this year! See ya!


For me it’s more of a fear than thinking it will go wrong for this year, and there are a lot of games which have a tonne of anticipation. My main fear is that the Last Of Us 2 is going to suck, and this statement makes me die a little inside. There is SO much hype around this game, especially as the first one was so critically acclaimed, and rightly so. Naughty dog do have a knack for repeating a formula and making it work over and over but when I saw some of the new footage and trailer for TLOU 2 I really wasn’t excited by it. I think it may have had too much build up, which it won’t live up to.

My other concern is Kingdom hearts 3, my first concern is that it will be delayed by another 50 years. Secondly will it be the game we’ve all hope for. For a lot of us ‘mature gamers’ KH were games that got us in to a more serious, bigger game but was easily accessible, it certainly was for me anyway. So many people played the original 2 just because it had disney characters in it, and then enjoyed the gameplay. I know there have been tie in games, remasters and add on stories since but you can never really compare to console versions, or the first you’ve played it. I think it’s very possible that KH3 will flop because it’s been delayed too long and those of us who have been waiting for it all this time will have an extremely high expectation for it.


Man, The Last Jedi was great, right? Great characters, great plot, great visuals and action. Everything I love in a star wars movie. I can’t wait for Episode IX. It’s a shame that there’s no film coming out between then and now.

Wait, what? The Han Solo film?

Ah, shit. Forgot about that. And so did you.

Yep, ‘Solo: A Star Wars story’ is due out this year. 4 months, if we’re to believe Disney. And we’ve heard nothing. No trailers, no posters, no interviews. True, ‘The Last Jedi’ is still in cinemas, but surely you’d at least have a teaser out by now. Given how troubled the production has reportedly been, this is starting to worry me. Sounds to me like I’ll have to bring whiskey to the first viewing when it comes around. Not good.



Ya’ll want a disappointment?! You want to hear about something we all know will gone down faster than your mum after a few wines? METAL GEAR SURVIVE. Let’s take a fantastic franchise, bin off all the memorable characters, add neon zombies and jam in Co-op before slapping a full price tag on it and just like that you killed it! I mean seriously have you seen the trailers?! It’s like they want us to hate them. Like they’re using this to jam a knife into Kojima’s series just to spite him. Don’t fall for it because it’s got the Metal Gear name. You’re better than that. Prove it and get Death Stranding instead. I mean it’ll be weird too but probably a good kind of weird right? RIGHT?!


So you want to know what is going to be disappointing this year, what will grind my gears or leave a sour taste in my mouth?

Well, Will has already covered METAL GEAR SURVIVE; Let’s be honest, I’m still going to pick up the title and playthrough it as it’s taken the amazing mechanics from METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN and added in CO-OP which I have missed from METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER.

Where I’m going to feel like I’m going to be most disappointed is in the continual updates from FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood. While the story content being developed have been amazing, giving me a hunger to actually finish FINAL FANTASY XII and replay FINAL FANTASY TACTICS.

There is a large amount of asset reusing throughout the Stormblood expansion, with armor being recolored and renamed, while any original armor sets being released are quite plain and lacking flair.

Maybe this is a sacrifice worth making as other aspects such as mechanics and boss fights are interesting enough to bring me back and continuing growing my character… I just want to look like a pretty bitch, that’s all I ask SQUARE ENIX.

Thanks for reading everyone! Don’t forget to check back in Monday for our next club article.