Welcome one and all to our new Saturday club feature ‘Controversial club’. As so much of our content is positive, charming and a lovely  read we thought we’d start a weekly article where we can get a bit of rage out, or just generally be dicks! I introduce our controversial club, a place where we can all write about things that get on our nerves, rub us the wrong way and generally go against the norm.

Today we’re discussing what games we think will miss their expected 2018 release dates…


I think I’m not the only one saying this but. Red Dead 2. There is NO way on this earth or any other that Rockstar will get that out on time! To Rockstar release dates are more like guidelines. They see them there and amp everyone up and then wave at them as they pass by. However, those crafty bastards always deliver stand out games. So let’s all agree that WHENEVER Red Dead 2 drops we’ll all be happy to have waited and pleased with the outcome!



What will be delayed this year….. Drum roll please…….. I’m 90% sure that kingdom hearts won’t come out this year which breaks my heart a little (lol). I am so desperate to return to sora’s story and see whats happening in the Disney /final fantasy mashed up world but I’ve got a strong feeling that they’ll make us wait even longer, god knows why. I feel like I saw the first trailer for this game about 10 years ago and I’ve been desperately hoping to see the new worlds they create. I feel like a child with no Christmas pudding…



So I dunno what games are really gonna miss the mark, almost everything seems like it’s gotten enough time but I seriously wouldn’t mind if Big Will is right and Red Dead 2 gets delayed because it feels too early for that to be coming out anyways. Other than that I could totally see that game I really don’t care about, Anthem,  getting delayed. Just a gut feeling I suppose. Apparently Soul Calibur VI is gonna come out this year. It better be late this year otherwise BAM DELAYED. Oh and sure why not that Ghost of Tsushima game looks made to be delayed. I hope Sea of Thieves just gets cancelled though, fuck that game and it’s cringey press conference demos.



Nintendo had announced during 2017 that there would be a new addition of the Fire Emblem game being released on the Nintendo Switch, this is set to be a new Strategy Role Playing Game; This isn’t going to be another Warriors game.It was after they announced a new game from the fame franchise that I bought into the Switch as I absolutely adore these games.

With Fire Emblem Switch being set for release this year, there has been no information released including setting, characters or release date. Now I know that Nintendo has a habit of dropping information a few months before release, I’m expecting this to be pushed back to 2019.

I’m hoping that Nintendo blow me away with a huge dump of information relating to Fire Emblem but I’m more than happy for them to hide away in the dark, tinkering, improving the game and release an outstounding experience.