It has come to light that the UK branch of Sony may not be passing on the full payment of Overwatch’s charity Mercy skin to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, as is the case with other regions and platforms. Players raised concerns after noticing a very specific difference in wording between the skin’s US and UK PlayStation Store listings.

The UK PlayStation Store listing lacks the ‘100% of proceeds’ moniker other store fronts – including Blizzard – uses to describe the skin, and informs players that a very specific amount will be passed on: roughly 78% of the full price. Despite the enquiries of players and games media, the only comment Sony has made on the situation is that “We are not making any profit from sales of Overwatch Pink Mercy Skin.”

Whilst it is possible that Sony is using part of the proceeds to pay a Value Added Tax (VAT) on the charity donations, the lack of clarity on the situation has left many scratching their heads. Respawning will keep tabs on the situation, and report as it unfolds.

The Pink skin is a premium skin for the Overwatch character, Mercy. It features a unique look, and sound effects, and (at least, usually) 100% of the skin’s proceeds are to be passed on to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to help with their efforts.

The opportunity to buy the skin will be available until May 21st. A trailer announcing the skin, and showing off some of its features, may be seen below.

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