Lost Soul Aside is a game that took probably the whole world by surprise. You see, the game looks pretty good, and its shaping up to be a character action RPG with hot anime boys and cool boss fights. But the catch is that everything that was shown off in the initial trailer was all made by one person in Unreal Engine 4.

After a while of not hearing from the developer we came to find out that he had begun working with Sony making this an exclusive title. This is part of the China Hero Project. An initiative for the development of games from Chinese developers. Other games from this include: Kill X, Code: Hardcore and Pervader. Which are all shaping up to be pretty good.


Recently, a separate interview came out with Yang Bing detailing his experience working with Sony and how the game is shaping up.

You can check that out here:


Out of all the games from the Chine Hero Project I’d have to say that Lost Soul Aside is the one I’m most excited about. I always need some character action goodness to tide me over.

For more about Lost Soul Aside and the China Hero Project stay tuned to Respawning!

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