Atlus has just announced an expansion / updated version of the original Catherine (Originally released on Xbox 360 and PS3) will be making it’s way onto PS4 and PSVita hopefully within the next year! The game’s being actively developed by Atlus’s new “Studio Zero”, having currently been developing Atlus’s elusive “Project Re:Fantasy” title – This expanded version of Catherine will feature brand new stages, a third love interest in the form of Rin, a slightly different type of girl compared to Catherine and Katherine, Rin is more of an “innocent” type of girl, being the Stray Sheep Bar’s regular pianist – Each love interest will get new cutscenes, interactions, text chains and, in the case of Rin, new stages, personality questions, boss fights and anime cutscenes!

It certainly gives us fans of the original game a healthy excuse to replay the game once more, and for newcomers who may’ve missed the original version of the game the true, uncut and expanded experience of one of Atlus’s most unique titles.

With Rin representing purity and angelic-like form, Catherine being more sinful and succubus-like, and Katherine representing the grey middleground between that, it’s definitely going to be interesting to see how these three differing morals will clash… And inevitably be twisted.

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