Despite Suicide Silence having just released their new song, ‘Subhuman’, which was to be featured prominently in DMC 5’s gameplay as Dante’s ‘Battle Theme’, Capcom has noted the large amount of community negativity regarding the song, and have decided to end Suicide Silence’s involvement with the soundtrack of DMC 5. In a surprising turn of events, fans turned to social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter to voice their dissatisfaction with Dante’s new battle theme, citing it as ‘too heavy’ and ‘not representative of Dante’s character’, with the song reaching more than 7,000 dislikes before it was eventually pulled from Devil May Cry’s official YouTube channel.

This course of action has been brought about due to reignited allegations that Suicide Silence’s lead vocalist, Eddie Hermida, emotionally manipulated and sexually pressured a 17 year old fan, where he was reportedly attempting to obtain nude photos of the fan and enter a relationship with her. In a quote sourced from Kotaku:

“He toyed with me and manipulated me into sending him nudes, which I was totally against. But hey, if your idol wants nudes, you send them.”

Despite these allegations flaring up again and being brought to the spotlight, Eddie Hermida has yet to comment, and has deleted his Twitter account. It should also be noted that, despite the song being pulled from promotional material and trailers from now on, it is still unconfirmed if the song will be pulled from the full and final release of the game.

According to a Tweet from Cody Matthew Johnson, the composer for the song, ‘Subhuman’ was a long-term project that took two years to create – Made all the more bittersweet when the song was taken down within roughly 15 hours. Fans were also quick to notice a somewhat inaccurate description of everyone’s favourite Son of Sparda, stating (Before the site hosting this statement was edited):

“Subhuman (feat. Suicide Silence) is the theme for the titular foul-mouthed protagonist and anti-hero of Dante for Devil May Cry 5…”

Grammar mistakes aside, it’s rather clear that Suicide Silence had a wildly different interpretation of Dante than long-time fans… What do you make of this? Let us know down below!