Bounty Battle is a 2D fighting game featuring many of your favourite 2D indy darlings such as The Prisoner (Dead cells), Owl Boy and my boy Juan “El Luchador” Aguacate of Guacamelee fame. Not only does this game feature indy characters it has a rosta of it’s own that all look fantastic and have their own fighting styles for you to get to grips with.


Gameplay however is fairly limited (at least in my experience) as you only have a few buttons that attack a strong and a light attack dodge and a special move, this isn’t normally a problem in games at all but this game fully encourages you to vary up your moves as much as possible but I found my self using the same combos to take down enemies over and over…this isn’t to say someone could find some real enjoyment out of this game as its really competent at whet it does I just found it repetitive. Oh I forgot to mention each character has a buddy you can call upon using power points at the bottom of the screen these vary from huge skulls to sentient chests (think chesty from fable but not fable) and they kinda just sit in the background causing damage where and when they can. The AI tend to use these guys a lot and they can be a pain in the backside spamming hits on you draining your health so damn quickly it’s just infuriating…but then you can do the same to them so swings and roundabouts I guess.

Just some of the cool looking original characters you can play as.

There are a few modes to deal with but sadly due to not having PS+ the online side of things had to take a back seat and I was playing solo during my time so I tried to make the best of it. We have Tournament mode, 5 stages of increasing difficulty where if you do not die you unlock a sweet new costume for each stage you’re on…but you don’t get to choose who you play as initially…the first Character you play as is Azelle an archer that was fairly weak, I got to a level vs Juan and another character and they just destroyed me i got through by sheer luck. I did however realise you can kind as skip levels by starting on the boss stage and defeating them you unlock their campaigns (and an awesome piece of art) and can select to play as them during tournament mode.

A Prisoner, A fridge and a Beholder walk in to a bar…

There is also challenge mode where its an endless battle until you die…in this mode you can choose whichever character you feel and duke it out for as long as you can facing off against the fairly large cast of characters this game has to offer, one of my faves being the beholder with his tentacle eyes and spinning attacks.

Battle on an arcade cabinet

Visually as I said earlier this game looks great…deliberately choosing 2D characters from many games and redrawing them in its own visual style whilst keeping in tune with the original artwork was really cool to see….all the colours just pop off the screen and have me very intrigued to play the games they had come from in the first place.

Overall this game looks great plays very simply which may be off putting for some and as an overall idea this is game gets 7 out of 10 from me…this score is based on core single player game play here if I was able to go online this score may be different but I think a 7 is a good call from me.

Not quite sure whats happening here but Owlboy is doing something.

Look let me know what you think…did you like the game, its art style and fighting mechanics? Or do you hate the idea of this all together, i reckon you should give it a go especially if you’ve played any of the games that feature in this. Anyway that’s it from me Have a great day and don’t forgot to be nice to each other yeah.