Oh that beautiful thing called Twitch. A service that I can go onto to watch people playing and reacting to something that I really love. Video Games, Music, creative stuff, whatever it is, there is something to find that interests you being streamed. So I’ve decided to give a shout out to some of my favourite streamers and what they do.

We’re going to kick this off with something that I’ve previously stated that I really enjoy, and that is Guitar Hero. Despite the games recently having flopped, the Guitar Hero community on Twitch is a beautiful place. It’s a place where music is shared through the complex wiggling of fingers over the frets of a plastic guitar. This guy goes by the name of UkogMonkey and was the 2008 world guitar hero champion. So what does he do on twitch? Mainly he plays guitar hero, but also streams some other games like Beat Saber and Mario Kart. He mainly plays on his PC using Clone Hero because of how easy it is to add and play custom songs and the support for songs across all of the Guitar Hero games and all of the Rock Band games as well. For more on Clone Hero, why not check out my review of it?

The reason why I enjoy watching is partly because of how good he is at the game but also because the songs that he plays are largely in the genres I like, Rock and Metal. Shredding out too awesome solos while also having conversations with the chat, talking about funny things and doing challenges. For-example, completing the In Waves drinking game while playing the song In Waves by Trivium without pausing to drink, meaning he tapes beer to his guitar and tips the guitar to drink. This may be a niche subject that I really enjoy, but you should definitely check him out if you used to enjoy the Guitar Hero games.

Up next is an another streamer that goes by the name of kiichichaosreigns. While that name may mean nothing to you, the name Matt Heafy might, due to him being the lead singer of the band Trivium (Who indecently also enjoys watching UkogMonkey, shouting him out while playing a gig in the UK). The thing I enjoy about Matt is the way that he uses twitch to connect with fans, he would stream his daily guitar practice while talking to fans, giving him another reason to practice other than just for the reason that he enjoys playing guitar. But Twitch is primarily a platform to stream games, so he also plays games, namely Fortnite, and he’s pretty good at it as well. But my favourite part is the fact that he streamed every gig they played of Trivium’s latest tour, all across America and Europe. All of which are still saved on his channel as a video you can go and watch right now.

Now, how can I talk about streamers without giving our own Twitch channel out. Colin runs our Twitch Channel called RespawningUK and is regularly playing games – The last few streams as of the time of writing where of Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Sword Art Online and an E3 Demo of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night… Why not come on over, you may find yourself coming over for the games, but you’ll stay for the love!

Finally, a streamer called Conflict Nerd Dylan. He is most well-known for some massive builds in Cities: Skylines on YouTube, but also does videos on various indie strategy games including Software Inc. and Farm Manager. What Dylan does when he’s not making videos is development for a Grand Theft Auto Role-Playing Server that he owns, and also playing on the server as a police lieutenant. This is set in the GTA Online world but abilities and mods that add realism. Job roles that earn money, or the ability to play as a criminal producing and selling cannabis.

What I enjoy about watching Dylan is the fact that everything is done in context and it’s all unscripted… So anything can happen from a simple car chase, to the server shitting itself and making trucks blow up killing someone, and they need to stay in character the whole time while dealing with the situation. A good series of jokes include making subtle references that involve breaking the fourth wall. I also love the idea that his Software Inc. company, Slapple, is included in the ConflictRP Universe as a replacement for Google making the universe very uniquely his.

So those are a few of my favourite streamers, Twitch is a beautiful place so have a gander and see what you find. I’m willing to bet that you can find someone playing a game that you want, or that someone is doing something you’re interested in like art creation. Oh yeah, if you happen to have an Amazon account, you also have a Twitch account where you can get free games each month, check it out!