Earlier today, the official Battlefield YouTube account released a trailer for Battlefield V, giving an overview of the Single Player campaign. EA and DICE’s latest entry into the franchise releases November 20th, on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4.

The trailer features a narration over cutscenes and gameplay clips from the title; we witness an African soldier deciding not to shoot a fleeing Nazi, a pair of Norwegian resistance fighters appearing to surrender to German forces, and a British soldier in a German prison. We see scenes of one of the Norwegians, alone, skiing; later, when she encounters a German outpost, she bottles the guard and bashes him against a table, and shoots at another. The African soldier fights in several battles, before being transferred to assist Rotterdam (suggesting he is a South African). The British soldier berates his commander, and the two fight Nazis in what appears to be northern Africa. A narration, contemplating personal truth and the limits people are willing to go to to survive, talks throughout the footage.

The return to the War Stories/Campaign mode ala Battlefield 1, this games thematic predecessor, aims to show WW2 from a variety of previously unexplored viewpoints, such as the German invasion of the Netherlands, and the Norwegian resistance. The later depiction courted controversy earlier this year, though, with some players insistent that female combatants in WW2 were ‘unrealistic’ and ‘historically inaccurate’. DICE and EA stood by the decision to include them, however. (Which in this writer’s opinion, is a good thing; many people fought in that conflict, and its important to remember that).

The official trailer may be found below.