It seems this week just isn’t kind to those who pre-order: Hot on the heels of Fallout: 76’s discount dilemma, it has been discovered that multiple retailers are offering discounts on DICE’s Battlefield V. Although some have had access to the title since November 9th, the general release for the latest in the FPS franchise only occurred nine days ago.

US retailer, Target, is currently offering the game for a mere $30USD – with Walmart and Best Buy with a similar discount, offering the title for just $40USD. Best Buy, it is reported, had also discounted the Deluxe edition to $72USD, but that particular offer seems to have ended at time of writing.

As for an explanation for this bizarre phenomenon, it is possibly a mix of Black Friday sales fever, and concerns over another Fallout: 76. Similar to what happened with Fallout: 76, the initial sales reports from European markets have shown a low amount of physical sales compared to previous entries, which may have spooked retailers abroad into trying to move their stock quickly by discounting it. But considering the title has had much better reviews than Bethesda’s latest mess, and the reported sales figures don’t account for digital sales, their move may have been for naught.

At any rate, it seems that once again those unfortunate enough to pre-order their desired games have been given the stick when they expected the carrot.