Alan Wake TV Show

Ok the quick and easy news…the TV show, yesterday on Remedy’s YouTube channel there was an interview with Sam Lake, Ilkka Villi and Matthew Porretta ( link below) and Sam Lake mentioned a TV show has been in the works for years and fans knew about this but what we didn’t know is that AMC (the guys behind The Walking Dead) have picked up the television rights to Alan Wake. THAT IS AWESOME!!! Oh man that’s exciting news…myself and Luke (here at respawning) have been discussing live action Alan Wake fan casting for a while, we came up with Jake Gyllenhaal (obvious I know) Christian Bale but with AMC on board I would love Andrew Lincoln in the role, He has the look and the acting chops to nail this role.

If you can’t wait for this series go to YouTube and search for “Brightfalls the prequel to Alan Wake” this was a mini web series set in the town of Brightfalls created by the Alan Wake team, it’s creepy and weird and confusing but it may be an indication of how and Alan Wake story may unfold on TV…in fact don’t bother searching here’s a link go watch it now.

Alan Wake on Switch

In the interview below we also get a look at some sweet concept art for Alan Wake 2 and Ilkka is playing Alan Wake on a Switch Light….holy fuck my dreams are coming true, I cannot wait to play this on my switch LATER THIS YEAR!!! and yes i will buy it and yes it will be the 7th copy of the same game I’ll own (1 original collectors edition, 2 special editions for PC, 1 Collectors edition PC, PS5 remaster Collectors edition on steam 1 Xbox Games with gold basic edition downloaded on my Xbox) but sadly there will be no physical edition…which sucks hard I want hopefully that will change in the future. This ha changed any travelling i do from now on, I go on holiday each year and you can bet that this will be the game I boot up on a 9 hour flight hahah. Oh and for anyone wondering the Switch Edition will run native on the console that means NO CLOUD…YYYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSS. On a side note with this happening it may mean we get a rerelease of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and that would be rad.

Anyway have a great day and don’t forget to be nice to each other.