Agony, the terrifying horror game in which you control a tormented soul trying to escape from hell, has had an additional game mode revealed today.

In the new Agony mode, procedurally generated dungeons will be added which will test the player’s survival skills, pitting them against dungeons constructed of human flesh and bone or icy chambers- in these labyrinths, the player will face random quests, puzzles, and challenges. Each dungeon contains a mysterious ‘Red Chamber’ where the player can increase their score by controlling the terrifying succubus demons that terrorize them during the main campaign. Each dungeon contains ten artifacts the player collects and ends with their death, with a high score. The player is also free to choose their character’s gender.

Agony also features a full story mode as well as open challenges where players can compete for new high scores. The winner of several ‘most anticipated horror’ awards, Agony launches on the 29th May for Ps4, Xbox, and PC.