Today Bandai Namco announced the first downloadable character for Soul Calibur VI (Excluding Tira); YoRHa No. 2 Type B, or better known as 2B, from Square Enix’s hit title NieR Automata.

2B is joined by Pod 042 in some of her combos, utilising it’s ranged functions whilst the rest of her abilities focus purely on fast-paced melee and teleportation – 2B truly seems like a foe to be feared! It is also assumed that 2B’s fighting style will be able to be used for Custom Characters, similar to Geralt; purchasing the DLC will grant access to a new NieR Automata-inspired stage, set amongst crumbling and overgrown city ruins, a new set of BGM tracks, four new weapons, the 2B Fighting Style, a Kaine alt costume for 2B, a set of NieR-inspired stickers, character parts and props, and, of course, 2B herself as a playable character.

You can check out the trailer below!