In a tweet earlier today, a former TellTale Games employee revealed that the skeleton staff of 25 that was to stay on at the bankrupt company until ‘obligations to board and partners’ were met has been reduced further.

Part of said skeleton staff, former Narrative Designer Rachel Noel recounted that her and her team were let go from the company.

Although there was initially a misconception about this meaning the entire skeleton has been let go, Rachel later clarified this was not so: Only her and her team had. But just a handful of employees seem to remain.

TellTale Games bankruptcy mid last month came as a shock to the general public, but mourning for the studio and its narrative-driven titles were quickly overshadowed by the revelation that those laid off received no severance pay, nor warning. It surfaced that some employees showed up to work to discover they instead had 30 minutes to clear out their desks, and the company had been hiring new staff as little as mere days before its bankruptcy announcement despite management being well aware of what was coming. The situation prompted a class action lawsuit seeking severance for the terminated, and many industry giants reached out to those fired with job offers. The situation has also renewed talk of unionising the gaming industry to assist development staff (Voice Actors, for example, are a part of the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and were able to utilise that connection during the Voice Actor strikes last year but no such organisation exists for those working in other parts of the game dev process).

It is unknown how much longer TellTale Games will technically survive, and although there are reports the company is looking to others to complete their current titles, the doors are starting to slam shut on this once beloved gaming institution.