Welcome to Respawning’s Games Club! The purpose of this is to get a bunch of us together every Monday, to allow us the chance to chat shit about whatever takes our fancy in the world of video games and discuss what we’re currently playing.

Tomorrow marks arguably the busiest weekend of our careers here at Respawning; E3 – This year’s E3 has, understandably, been hyped to the moon and back, with heavy hitters such as Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft looking to make a slew of huge announcements – Join us in our green-tinted fortune telling tent as we try to predict what E3 will bring us!!


Getting in here before Salman does! I’m hoping to see a trailer at least for Devil May Cry 5. Having always been a huge fan of the DMC series I’d love to see the return of white haired man child Dante. After Ninja Theory’s DMC: Devil May Cry reboot received such a lukewarm reception it’s be interesting to see if any ideas from that attempt will be put into the series proper. Maybe after being away so long we won’t like the classic Dante anymore? maybe we’ll all be jaded or indifferent now? Who knows but I for one am excited to find out!


My predictions are.

  • We will for sure get a confirmed date for Kingdom Hearts 3 although only god knows if they’ll stick to it.
  • A new star wars game will be announced
  • Something will be teased or released for PSVR to keep us fools hooked in
  • More details on the FF7 remake
  • Loads more Red Dead Redemption 2 news.


I don’t know why I think this, but I reckon that Rockstar will announce Red Dead Redemption 2 will be on PC as well. A re-release of the first’d be good too, but these aren’t too likely scenarios – but hey, maybe they’ve noticed that the PC community’s been super active with GTA 5, and somehow brokered a deal with their leash owner, Sony. *shrugs*

For Nintendo, I think we’ll probably hear about Tomodachi Life 2, and Animal Crossing for the Switch, along with, of course, vague but exciting things about Smash Bros. and Let’s Go!. Been way too long since A New Leaf, so I’d bet a new Animal Crossing is all but confirmed. A new Metroid title would be nice, but unlikely.


Halo Wars

A fun go at putting Halo in a RTS enviroment

Let me divulge some wisdom to you all, and offer up my full list of predictions:

  • Watch Dogs 3 will be announced
  • DMC5, where the plot will center around Virgil
  • Shadows Die Twice won’t be Bloodborne 2, but Bloodborne 2 WILL be announced…
  • Gears of War 5
  • Halo 6
  • A final release date for Kingdom Hearts 3
  • Borderlands 1 HD on PS4, Xbox One & PC; maybe a Switch port of the Handsome Collection
  • A new Splinter Cell game
  • No release date for Cyberpunk, but if there IS a release date announced, it’ll be releasing soon after E3
  • Darksiders 3 info