A lot of visual novels go for just a little style and very little substance, at least the ones I’m left to review. That substance is usually in the form of softcore pornography that the player has to beat the game three times and fill out some annoying quota to take a gander at.

Pantsu Hunter is mainly just style and just enough substance to get it by.

The main draw of Pantsu Hunter is that it’s in the style of old anime, mainly from the ’80s and ’90s. Seeing this I instantly think back to watching Golden Boy and Great Teacher Onizuka and absolutely loving the style in old anime. There’s just a certain thing to em’; I dunno…

With this, throughout the game, you can see that the art style remains consistent and beautiful and all the girls are absolute waifu material. The game itself is still better than most of the visual novels, I’d say. A lot of it is voice acted in English and it’s pretty decent, and the gameplay loop is better than most but it still has it’s own issues.

You follow a main character who claims to be a jack of all trades, but that doesn’t really matter because this fucking game is about stealing panties because he believes that’s how you get to know a girl best… So you essentially play a point and click puzzle game to get panties, and there are a LOT of them. Each chapter has a decent amount of collectibles scattered about, and your choices and the amount you collect will determine what ending for that chapter you get.

There are a LOT of bad endings though, and because the puzzles that you have to solve to get these panties are so goddamn vague and hard, you’re going to have to listen to a lot of dialogue over and over and get a lot of bad endings. It’s frustrating, but it’s all worth it for any sweaty anime fan for the lewder scenes that are in every visual novel… Wait, there’s not tits..? 0/10.

Nah I’m kidding, there really are no lewd scenes in this game, however, and I really welcome that because fucking hell man, I stick around for the dumb anime nonsense, not to get my rocks off.

Regardless of that the only other issues I have with the game is that it can be pretty buggy, and the UI isn’t the prettiest or the best to play around with. It’s a short, sweet, pretty visual novel with lots and lots of endings. It has decent but really vague puzzles that can get a little frustrating. Oh, and the music is pretty kick-ass too; it hits the vibe that the game is going for really well.

As a game that is only trying to serve one aesthetic purpose for people starved of it, I think it does an amazing job with it’s visuals and audio. It really did take me back to when my brother would make me watch old animes while I just wanted to watch Bleach like a baby bitch boy.

I think Pantsu Hunter could do good with a sequel or something else that’s in the same style. Theres a lot to be explored here!

Till then I give Pantsu Hunter a 6/10.

6.0 / 10

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