As the title states, I have absolutely no excuse as to why I have missed out on this game. Originally released by THQ and Iron Lore, and now re-released as an Anniversary edition by THQNordic and the good ol’ faithful Iron Lore, Titan Quest is a top down ARPG which really grips you from the old school opening cinematic.

I am a huge fan of old school PC games, and the groundbreaking titles that came out before consoles really found their footing. I am very proud to say that I have the original Half-Life and the majority of its mods, Ricochet, Day of Defeat and Deathmatch Classic. The AoE HD remake is also amongst these and I am so happy to add Titan Quest to that collection.


As you would expect from an ARPG the game is very Lore heavy; I found myself reading every single piece of text from quests even though they are narrated to you – As a fan of one of the most well known ARPG’s, ‘Diablo’, I was really excited to get my teeth sunk in…One thing that I found out incredibly quickly was that the game is relatively unforgiving, although not in a ‘I don’t want to play this’ way but in a ‘FFFFUUUU WHY DID I DO THAT!’ way.

I started to learn from my mistakes after the third or fourth attempt at pulling too many mobs, and really started to reap the benefits. This made me confident and cocky which, in turn, got me immediately shot down trying to take on too much again. It is almost like you have to earn the game’s respect before it will start to work with you! If you are a fan of any of the Dark or Demon Souls franchise then this is a much more toned down yet rewarding game for you.


The only real downside that I have found with this, is the multiplayer aspect. I tried this after playing some single player and all I found were people joining who were shed loads higher levels than me and were just cruising through everything, without me having to really try. If there was an option to be able to join people your level, which there may be that I am unaware of, then the game would be much more enjoyable.

To be perfectly fair for the price that the game is going for (£17.99 on steam) this game is a perfect throw back if like me you have played through Diablo 3 a thousand times. Overall I would give the game 8/10 – Pyro