When I was given Crossout to review I was expecting something to do with cars…What I wasn’t expecting was Mad Max mixed with World of Tanks. When you hear that it sounds a little confusing at first, but trust me it’s ton of fun. Now I’m gonna explain why!

Crossout Gameplay

The Taxi Destroyer works like a charm to mow down unsuspecting fools.

Scout is a post-apocalyptic MMO-action game. It is free to play on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Developed by Targem Games, it plays a lot like World of Tanks yet shines with a unique crafting system. From the moment you log in you are introduced to some parts and set free to create what you like. I was graciously given a “Harsh Weekday” pack granting me a few extra bits and bobs. I noticed that I had been given a yellow paint set and a taxi sign. So I went to work creating a taxi of death.

I equipped my taxi with a random set of parts to protect it from the front and back, then I set off. My first game seemed to be a team of Humans against some A.I. A foolish mistake on their parts as this taxi was locked and loaded. The first thing you notice in combat is how destructive the game is, parts of cars will fall off piece by piece depending on where it’s been shot. It really makes you want to yell things as you hear the clang of machines.

Crossout Garage

I’m proud of my little car, even if it doesn’t always survive.

The next thing you notice about Crossout is how often you are actually playing it. Within 3 minutes I’d won 3 matches. It’s a constant adrenaline rush where a mistake on one team will cost them the entire match. If the enemies rush to your capture point immediate you can set up a team of driving tanks waiting for them to come. It allows you to be both tactical and progressive, while you are winning you can usually find a moment where you went wrong and made a mistake. You can then put this experience to good use when you drop into another match 20 seconds later.

The garage system is a heap of fun to mess around with. Completing a match can give you a chance at some specific parts to put on your ride. There’s also a market system where you can buy and sell specific parts to make the perfect car. After looking through some of the community builds my little taxi didn’t look like it was the toughest, but I believed in it. Being a free to play game you already know it has micro transactions to buy coins and certain parts. But never through my time of playing did I feel that it was pay to win.

Crossout David

Poor David the A.I trying to capture the point with one wheel keeping him going.

As someone who likes a game like this to keep me distracted and high on adrenaline. I would have to recommend the Crossout experience. Aside from the main sort of multiplayer matches, there are some co-op raids where you go on a range of missions against some A.I. Most of the time you will be grinding for some new parts. If you look through the community creations you can copy peoples designs provided that you have the correct parts in your inventory. There’s some pretty insane creations out there and It makes you want to do better. It feels like Halo 3 where community creation was a huge component.

While these quick matches may not sound like the replay-ability someone is looking for in a game, I ensure that the car crafting system always keeps a goal in sight. I’ve had a ton of fun playing the game and look forward to making my taxi into a giant tank of death. As a free to play experience it feels like a worth while time investment. Again you can play Crossout for free on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

I give it an overall score of 7.5/10.

A wonderful crafting system accompanied by some destructive gameplay.