Having originally been released for a Russian-only market, Halo Online sought to bring the Halo 3 Multiplayer experience to PC for the first time… Regardless, the original Halo Online project was cancelled and seemed to fade into obscurity… That was, until a group of passionate fans collaborated together to create ElDewrito; a fan-mod of the original release of Halo Online that introduces a range of updates, from a fully-integrated server browser, chat and player customisation – Fast-forward to 2016 and it was announced that ElDewrito 0.5 would be the last version of ElDewrito that would be released from the original mod’s development team…

However, just yesterday, the members of the current development team brought the brilliant announcement that ElDewrito’s 0.6 release will be going live, starting this friday. Users will be able to download the latest version on ElDewrito’s website, or on their subreddit, R/HaloOnline!

The UI in 6.0 has greatly improved, and been better optimised for controllers – It also introduces the original Halo 3 armour sets!

As detailed by the ElDewrito Development Blog:

We are currently in a ‘Regression Testing’ cycle where we test every feature that we have added over the past two years.

Since the release of 0511, there have been around 1700 new commits to the ElDewrito Github. To put this is perspective: that is around twice the number of commits that occurred from the very initial commit of the project up until 0511. This single update is twice the size of all the other updates combined, from a git commit perspective at least.  

Also as detailed in the description of ElDewrito’s Announcement Trailer on YouTube, the new version greatly expands the customisation, stability and likeness to the original Halo 3 in more ways than one, greatly expanding the mod compatibility and built-in Forge mode:

“[Halo Online / ElDewrito 6.0] …allows multiplayer games to be played in player-hosted servers and aims to restore removed features, fix bugs and glitches, and add mod support.

The game has multiple server browsers, player and emblem customization, stat tracking, ranked and social servers (as well as an in-beta ranking system). Anyone can host custom servers – as a host player, or with a built-in dedicated server functionality, along with map/gametype voting functionality. 

The game will be releasing on the late afternoon of April 20, 2018.”

Catch the Announcement Trailer below!