The popular British developer Bossa Studios (I am Bread, Surgeon Simulator), along with Atomico and London Venture Partners, have announced a $10m Series A investment in the London-based BAFTA award-winning studio.

Bossa Studios has been hard at work on their genre-defining sandbox MMO, Worlds Adrift, and part of the funding will be used to support the upcoming launch of the game, the first-ever to be built on Improbable’s SpatialOS platform. The investment will also be used to recruit top talent to the studio, which will complement Bossa’s strategic focus on AI, technologic innovation and user generated content.

Worlds Adrift offers a brand new take on the MMO genre, set in a shattered and mysterious world of floating islands. Players take the role of survivors, teaming up to design and build their very own custom sky-ships piece by piece. After taking to the air they must forge their own legends, becoming scavengers, explorers, or heroic captains of the skies in a vast open world where creativity, ingenuity and skill are the keys to survival.

Not only will the title supposedly offer up fully fledged ‘Panel-by-Panel’ Ship customisation, but also island customisation and creation, to really make your small haven in the sky feel like your very own – Developers Bossa Studios also promise a total elimination of loading screens, fully fledged animal and plant ecosystems, dynamic weather, and the opportunity to see other players’ creations, leftovers and damage on visited islands.

You can view the Cinematic Trailer below, alongside the Overview Trailer: