With the Pre-Legion patch well underway how is the game panning out and what major changes have happened in the massive world that is warcraft? Read on to find out.

First big thing – Invasions

This is probably the best thing about the pre season update, invasions bring back the vanilla element to the game, who anyone as commited as myself will remember as being one of the best elements that WoW ever had. I really enjoyed the world PvP and events that happened in the game and without giving a massive amount away this is definitely making an awesome comeback!

Fisherpriced again?

One of the main changes that I have enjoyed was the dumb down of spells. My crazy amount of macros and finger stretching capabilities to cast 1 trinket all to of seem to have died. I have levelled a demonology warlock from 1 to 78 and to be fair I am only seeing myself using around 4 to 5 spells which to be perfectly honest isnt really that challenging. However all things may change in the updated game on release. We shall have to wait until the 30th August to find out.

Whilst we are on the subject – New spell stuff

Every single class specification has had a relatively decent rework. New resourcing sytems and tactics have completely changed everything that you remember about your favourtie classes on WoW. Demonologists actually feel like they are summoning fourth hordes and hordes of demons, Shadow Priests now tap into their insanity and utilize this to do more damage however more insanity means more chances of you completely losing your mind and commiting to a horrible death. Overall it is a really fun element to the new rework.

Is it worth the pre-order?

In a complete nutshell, yes. Especially if you have played the game before and stopped playing just after the panda fiasco… If you are new to the game then I would also recommend it but I would get a mate to come with you, going alone can be dangerous as the community unfortunately are not that forgiving.

If you want to check out the game then there are links all over the web to find extra news and cheeky vids to do with the game however the best and easiest place to get info is right here!


That right there is my stream account and I can assure you it will be live most evenings after the 30th! Hit me up with a follow and I will do my best to answer as many questions as physically possible! Stay classy lads and lasses!