Hello all you lovely people! We here at Respawning just wanted to provide a brief community update revolving around what we’re going to be pushing out in the next few coming weeks, which you’ll be able to keep your eyes out for!

More Events!


As you’ve probably seen, we’ve entered a brand new partnership with the London-based pub chain Simmons, which has given us the room to expand our event reach to multiple areas in London! No longer are our gaming nights and tournaments exclusive to Exeter, you can now attend and compete in the big city!

We’re holding our first gaming night in partnership with Simmons this sunday up in their Fulham Broadway venue, so come join if you’re in the area!


New Feature – Overwatch Streams!


Me (Joe) and Luke are going to be starting Overwatch streams beginning this coming Sunday at around 11am-1pm! We’re both complete newbies to the game, having only seen the various comics, memes and fanart that’s swarmed the internet, so we thought “Why not throw ourselves into the deep end?!”.

To show you how newbie we are, allow me to quote myself when the idea was pitched:

“…WTF is a Genji?”.

‘Nuff said…

NB: Luke doesn’t event know about the memes! Coming into this completely blind.

You can catch us over on our Facebook, and on Twitch!

New Feature – Jolly Cooperation!


We’re glad to present one of our newest endeavors, Jolly Cooperation! Luke and his comrade Zeke will be playing through various co-op (Or outright hard) video games and get… JOLLY!

Even you at home can play along to our drinking games, it’s all in the good natured spirit of fun! We’re sure that there will be some…Interesting moments to come from this!

As always, we’ll announce everything on our Facebook and Twitter, so keep your eyes out!