Here we are again for yet ANOTHER top ten of 2017! This time around however I will be discussing the Top 10 disappointments for me in 2017. Be that in films, tv, music or video games – these are the 10 things that let me down in 2017 and just really pissed me off.

10) Horizon Zero Dawn

For many people Horizon is game of the year for 2017 but I genuinely believe it was an overhyped game that looked incredibly pretty but suffered from a boring open world and for me it just really outstayed it’s welcome in length. For the first time ever I genuinely believed this would of been a far superior game if it was just a LITTLE bit more linear.

9) Shadow Of War

Yes I know this is also in my top ten games of 2017 but up until act 4 this game was a solid 9/10 for me. I had so much fun building up my army of orcs, taking down the Balrog and just carving my way through Mordor killing everything in sight. So why OH WHY did they have to screw it all up with 30 hours of grinding at the end of the game for  2 minute secret ending tying the game into LOTR. Seriously this was one of the best games I played in such a long time but the end has left such a bitter taste in my mouth and poor memories of the game.

8) One More Light (Linkin Park)

I haven’t much to say about this, I won’t bitch too much about Chester (RIP) but in all honesty I just “nothing’d” this album. Didn’t hate it, didn’t like it. Just had no feelings on it.

To be fair, I didn’t hate a couple tracks on there – whilst not really Linkin Park anymore I quite liked Heavy and Good Goodbye – but in the latter I only really liked it as the Stormzy verse was just sick af.

7) Agents Of Mayhem

It’s no secret that I am a HUGE Saints Row fanboy and was incredibly excited for Agents of Mayhem. I played quite a fair bit of it initially and even reviewed it quite highly… the issue I had was that after a point I was just doing the same thing over and over and over and the jokes were repeated over and over and over and I wanted to kill myself over and over and over.

The humour was really funny in the beginning and I was having a lot of fun but no amount of funny quips can save intensely repetitive gameplay.

6) Yooka Laylee

Banjo Three-ie I heard tell! Yooka Laylee however was more boring than fun with crappy worlds and less of an emphasis on fun than I would have liked.

But in all honesty getting to a new world was fun and when I had a new mechanic that was also fun – it was just such a shame that I was stuck in that same world way longer than I would have liked which in the end caused such a boredom that I couldn’t forgive or get past.

5) The Dark Tower (Film)

Trying to force a wealth of storylines into a 1.5 hour film? Nah fuck off mate.

There is a whole wealth of source material out there for The Dark Tower series – LOADS of books, LOADS of graphic novels but instead they tried to have a continuation of the story instead of using fantastic stories of the source material. Not only this but for many this was the first look into the world of the Dark Tower and they tried to force all that had come before it into an hour and a half.

4) Get Out

Described to me as the “best horror film of our generation” what I actually got was boredom for 2 hours in a film that I am sure is really good if you hadn’t had your hopes increased 10 fold coming up to it. One of the most overrated films I have ever seen – Maybe I am just missing something here but I don’t get it?

*Cue internet foaming at the mouth* Well you just wait until you see the next one.

3) Baby Driver

“Oh my god a new Edgar Wright movie I am so excited”. It was about 40 minutes too long as pretentious as balls. I love pretentious films but even I felt this just sucked. Yeah I hated it, the cast was phenomenal but it just felt too much like what someone thought an Edgar Wright should be like rather than being an actual Edgar Wright movie.

2) For Honor

This was one of the games which got me excited to come into the next generation – unfortunately it suffers from Ubisoft Syndrome where they release a half finished game and then add content until it becomes worth getting 6 months to a year later.

1) Mass Effect Andromeda

I tried. I REALLY tried to love Andromeda but I couldn’t do it. As a HUGE fan of all the previous Mass Effect games I waited for what seemed like eternity to dive into a fantastic story set in the same universe as Mass Effect but much like in the story this game was in a whole different universe… one where Mass Effect games are shit.

It wasn’t the technical issues, it wasn’t the bad voice acting – it was just the characters and story, I just couldn’t give a fuck and it is such a shame because the combat was at a series high.