Welcome to our newest partners, Simmons!

That’s right. We’re bringing our legendary Arcade Exeter gaming nights to London.

We’ve been working closely with Simmons to line up some amazing events for some of our London fans, and are happy to announce our first ever gaming event with Simmons. If you’re in the Fulham Broadway area, get practicing your combos and fatalities, because we’re holding a Mortal Kombat tournament in Simmons’ Fulham Broadway venue this sunday.


Simmons is a relatively new chain of bars within London, with most having been set up in 2009. Simmons has, in the last 7 years, formulated a London-based empire of retro-pop bars and pubs, with venues in King’s Cross, Mornington Crescent, Fulham Broadway, Tower Hill, Liverpool Street, Fitzrovia and Fulham Road – We’re beginning with Fulham Broadway due to locality, however we do plan to expand our reach to many, if not all of these wonderful, colourful London venues.

Simmons serves up a lovely, attractive blend of retro-modern fusion mixed with some sexy pop-punk decor, topped off with some truely creative drinks! I for one am now questioning why the hell cocktails AREN’T always served in teapots…

If you live in London, now is a good time to be a fan of Respawning.

You can check out Simmons’ website here. As well as their Facebook and Twitter!