This week Nintendo brought us an Animal Crossing direct, outlining a few extra details about Tom Nook’s Deserted Island getaway package, but fans across the world have honed into one thing… That gravestone, WHO HAS DIED? Let’s have a look at the likely suspects.

One theory presented by u/CivilizedPyscho to r/GameTheorists suggests that this grave belongs to no other than our beloved Tortimer.

No we all know Tortimer as our beloved Mayor from previous iterations, bar New Leaf where he decided to retire and set up Tortimer Island. u/CivillizedPyscho suggests that the Deserted Island you are travelling to is in fact Tortimer Island and that dear old Tortimer has passed away, leaving the island free for Tom Nook to acquire. U/CivillizedPyscho has a few choice opinions on the morality of our little friend Tom Nook, but I think that’s between them two. You can read their theory below:


Our second contender for the grave is Joan. The cute little Turnip seller who enabled players to become Turnip Tycoons.

Now this theory is based on the fact that Joan appears to have been replaced by a fresh faced, snotty nosed newcomer, Daisy-Mae… What’s happened to Joan? Where is she? Has she retired happily or has she succumbed to the grave?

One of the last popular theories I’ve seen floating around is DJ KK as we have not seen hide nor hair of him in the latest game. However I would be quick to dismiss this as he does get a little shout out in the latest direct via the FAQ section about Amiibo support in the game. Whilst most villager Amiibo seem to currently be supported, there is a suggestion that the special Amiibo cards with our beloved NPCs are not supported yet. This is demonstrated using DJ KK’s Amiibo. Both Joan and Tortimer have their own Amiibo cards too so perhaps they aren’t quite out of the picture.

The most likely theory however, is that this grave is a buildable in the game that you need to acquire in order to spawn Wisp. Wisp was a genie in New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo who helped you out with summoning villagers using your Amiibo. Wisp appears in the new direct just chilling out on your island at night time.

What are you’re theories about the mysterious grave? Let us know in the comments below.

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