Nintendo has revealed that it will release a new run of both SNES and NES Classic consoles this June 29th. The news comes to the delight of many – the original release of the consoles were notorious for their availability issues, and this marks the first run of new NES Classic consoles in almost two years.

“(The NES Classic) and the #SNESClassic Edition system are expected to be available through the end of the year.” Nintendo said via its official Twitter account.

Shaped to look like region-appropriate miniatures of the original consoles, the SNES and NES Classics both contain a library of classic games: 30 games for the NES Classic, and 21 for the SNES Classic (including the exclusive StarFox 2). The consoles have extra features built in, such as the ability to save wherever, load previous saves, and – in the case of the SNES Classic – a rewind feature, allowing players to play from anywhere they were up to five minutes ago in a game.

The consoles are expected to retail at around $79.99 (SNES Classic) and $59.99 (NES Classic) USD. Japan will also receive an exclusive version of the NES Classic in July: the Shonen Jump Famicom Classic will only feature games starring characters from Shonen Jump manga franchises.