In a special home presentation, Masahiro Sakurai revealed that the next DLC fighter for Smash (and the Second Fighter’s Pass) would be MinMin, from ARMs!

ARMs – an early fighting game released for the Switch, featuring a unique premise of characters with expendable appendages known as ARMs – was known to be the next title represented, but now we know exactly who from the roster got the invite.

After a cinematic showing MinMin serving Captain Falcon and Kirby ramen, before rushing off to wrest the invite from the other ARMs fighters, we began to experience some of her playstyle. Incorporating mechanics from ARMs, MinMin is able to extend her arms in her attacks, and use both arms at the same time, with the A button controlling her left arm, and the B button controlling her right.

MinMin can move about when her arms are extended in attack, and she can slightly tilt them, too – her extended arms keep her safe from counter attacks, but also means she’s at a disadvantage up close.

The weapon on her right arm can be changed at any time using down special. MinMin can use one of three attachments from her game. The first, Ramran is fast, but weak, and is easiest to direct; the second, Megawatt, is very strong, but slow and hard to bend – but it can be charged, and has a chance to KO enemies! Her last weapon, the Dragon, is the default of her left arm, but slightly more powerful – if the player holds down the attack button, the Dragon will shoot out a laser, creating an even lengthier hitbox!

MinMin isn’t just limited to her ARMs, though – tapping A quickly will allow her to utilise a rapid kick, like Fox. Her up smash is a somersault kick which, when timed right, can reflect projectiles (as a nod to being able to reflect attacks in ARMs). She can also slide kick, and perform a dive kick from the air!

Up and B allows MinMin to perform a jump using her ARMs, launching her very high into the air – this jump can be charged, and aimed a bit. It also has early invincibility frames. If Up and B is performed whilst in the air, she will perform a hook attack, reminiscent of Byleth’s Sword of the Creator chain – this attack can latch onto ledges like that, too.

ARMs Rush is MinMin’s Final Smash – she lands a light punch on the enemy, which summons the entire ARMs roster to pummel them in a cinematic, with MinMin landing a final, hard blow against the enemy.

MinMin’s arena is the Spring Stadium, as interpreted from the ARMs universe. The stage is a large, floating arena, with angled jump pads on either side. The roof of the stadium is gaped and angled, meaning that it’ll rebound players that fly up into it. Drones occasionally fly overhead, carrying items: if attacked, they will drop these items for the player.

MinMin comes with 18 songs from ARMs. Some of the titles have been remixed so they better fit Smash’s aesthetic.

MinMin isn’t the only character coming to Smash, though – several Mii Fighter costumes were also revealed. The list is as follows:

Ninjara (Brawler, ARMs)
Heihachi (Brawler, Tekken)
Callie and Marie (Brawler and Gunner, Splatoon)
Vault Boy (Gunner, Fallout)

MinMin, and the Mii Fighter costumes, will be available on June 29th.

Smash Ultimate will also soon be receiving an update that aims to shake-up the Spirit Board. Some fights are changed, if you own appropriate DLC – for example, the Cuphead spirit battle will now use the Cuphead Mii Fighter should you own that costume. Additionally, owned Spirits may be refought – the collection list now has a High Score feature, which covers both the score for an individual spirit, and for an entire collection.

Additionally, the next wave of Amiibo – featuring Joker and Hero (in the 11 appearance) – will arrive in Autumn of 2020.

What did you think of MinMin’s inclusion? Who do you think will fill out with rest of the Second Fighter’s Pass? Let us know in the comments! You can also watch the entire presentation below.