Okay, let’s get real here.

I choose to review stupid anime fan-service games because well, they’re really fucking funny – In fact, some of them even end up having some really good gameplay like a couple of the Senran Kagura series… So when I saw a really dumb looking dating-sim-esque game where you massage an anime girl for the entirety of the game, well, I thought, “How bad could this be”?

It was pretty fucking bad.

So let’s try to explain at least what I understood of the plot of this dumpster fire to the best of my ability – You play some nameless protagonist who is basically helping out one of the main girlies from the series, Asuka; she has some weird feelings inside her that only YOU can help her with… So you start by massaging her hands. Through that, you get thrown into some kind of dream sequence where the bulk of the game begins.

There are multiple dream sequence scenarios depending on where you massage her on her hand. Each dream sequence has its own theme where Asuka is playing some kind of character, be it a teacher, an idol, a student or…. A little sister. This game has all your degenerate needs covered.

…So when you’re in the dream sequence that’s when Reflexology kicks in. In other words, you get to fondle the girl. Fondling the girl in different ways and in different areas will get you a different outcome which will lead to a different ending, but if I’m being completely honest the game expects you to do it way too many times for it to ever be fun – Hell, it wasn’t even really fun the first time around. The only enjoyment I got out of the game, in the end, was the fact that when you really just wanna grind out a certain outcome for a certain ending you end up poking her forehead or slapping her tits around for 5 minutes until you get to the big bad climax which is called Glorious Relfexology. This is where you use a special tool to really massage the ever loving shit out of her – The issue here is that they all suck, and are still boring as shit.

…And that’s pretty much the bulk of the game. Poke the girl, hear her make funny haha sex sounds and repeat. It’s kind of a shame too because when I first saw this game I was just interested to see how they would integrate the Switches’ motion controls, as well as the HD rumble… And it turns out, really damn poorly considering I only used the buttons after my initial attempt with how the game is advertised to be played – Like seriously, the clunky-ass button controls are more responsive than trying to actually slap a titty.

So the rest of the “game” is just a glorified model viewer, where you only have one model and the other far more superior character is hidden in DLC – Maybe this game would’ve gotten even the slightest bit more replay value out of me just so I can see a bit of her dialogue, but alas, what you get is a confusing dress-up system with costumes that aren’t even good, and a Free Reflexology mode where you get to fondle the girl without any other reward.

You can unlock a bunch of other assets like music and check it out later, but do you really think you’re gonna stick around and listen to some tracks with such fond memories attached, such as the time I smacked her thighs for a bit, or the time her boobs jiggled a bit differently that one time.

I really don’t have anything else to say about this game. It’s a glorified model viewer and other games in the series are far more out there with what they want to show to their audience. There are literally hundreds of anime fan-service games out there that are way better so check those out instead – Even if you want to check it out for what it does with the HD rumble and the Switch… Don’t. It does nothing. There’s your review.

I give Senran Kagura Reflexions a:

2 / 10