So I’m not a Fire Emblem boy. Never was and I always hated the fact that I just couldn’t get into it. Maybe I just don’t like strategy RPGs that much, or maybe it’s because the 3DS sucks a pile of hot shit… But regardless, I’ve always wanted to know what the hype is about.

Since Three Houses has been getting rave reviews and ever since I heard the most beautiful words I’d ever heard, “It’s basically just Persona now”, I thought I should just fucking buy it and see through it.

…I’ve gotta say I’m so pleasantly surprised that this actually doesn’t bore the actual shit out of me and it legitimately looks good, and isn’t on a 240p screen! That’s always a plus.

I don’t know much about Fire Emblem’s combat to comment too much about this game’s, but I can tell that it has been streamlined and it’s definitely a lot easier to keep track of things. Other than that I have nothing to say about the combat until I get further into the game.

What I do have to comment on however is the social aspect of the game that is now just full-blown Persona at this point, and boy is it fun. Instead of being a student and doing daily student things like taking on part-time jobs and going to school – this time, you ARE the school.

That’s right motherfucker you’re a teacher in this game, and you gotta teach some absolute dumbasses in this game.

The story in the game for me, at the very least, is pretty decent. It’s a fairly basic premise but what sells it are the characters – Interacting with every goofball in the game is just a lot of fun and I already have my eye on some goofballs I want to recruit into my House. Speaking of which, around the beginning of the game you get to choose a house that has a group of students and a house leader; I chose the Golden Deer because everyone else looked like a stuck-up bitch, and the cute boy who’s the leader gets me going some type of way.

The game has been spoiled for me slightly, but it’s only piqued my interest further to see what exactly is going to transpire in the story.

Right now the game is look at a 7 or an 8 out of 10 for me, but I’ll only be able to give a full review when I’m much further in the game… So look forward to it!

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