The next generation of Pokemon has been announced via a recent Pokemon Direct; Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will release on the Nintendo Switch in late 2019, with a worldwide simultaneous release.

Set in the UK-inspired Galar Region, players will explore the steampunk-fantasy themed world, tackle new Gyms and collect a wide variety of brand new and older Pokemon across their journey!

The recent trailer showed off our new protagonist designs, a few shots of the various towns and environments in the game, including a spooky foggy forest, lushious rolling highlands, lakes and snowy mountains,

Three new Pokemon were also announced; the Rabbit Pokemon Scorbunny, the Chimp Pokemon Grookey, and the Water Lizard Pokemon Sobble – These three will be the first Pokemon you recieve in the game, acting as your starter Pokemon.

Wild Pokemon battles have been shown to return, along with competitive battling, however it seems that their inclusion does come with some notable removals, such as the removal of Pokemon in the overworld, and Pokemon following behind you (Come on Game Freak…); regardless, we’re extremely hyped for the next generation of Pokemon!

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