Today’s Pokemon themed Nintendo Direct was an explosion of revelations: Super-sized Pokemon, legendary reveals, and more – read on!

The presentation debuted with a wonderful trailer, showing off the world of Sword and Shield, with cities representative of many aspects of Britain – we saw a quiet little hamlet, a bustling London-like city, a mining town, and more! Pokemon wander around Galar as per Let’s Go!, and it seems that instead of the traditional routes, we are instead being presented with a Hylian Field-like open world known as the Wild Zone, which links all the cities together. The Wild Zone has different regions, and the Pokemon available to catch change depending on the time of day, the weather, and location.

We were also shown a few of the new Pokemon native to the region. Wooloo, a Sheep Pokemon, has silky fur that is prized by Galaran artisans.

Gossifleur is a Plant Pokemon, with healing connotations. Likewise, it’s evolution – Eldegoss – has seeds that promotes healing and growth.

Drednaw is the ‘Bite Pokemon’, and eats rock and iron deposits. It has an unruly nature, making it hard for trainers to train!

And finally, Corviknight – a large black bird residents often use as a taxi service in the region.

This generation’s ‘gimmick’ was also revealed – Dynamax! Dynamaxing a Pokemon is a mysterious process that seems into involve some very ancient looking Pokeballs – Dynamaxing a Pokemon makes it grow to an enormous size, and increase it’s power. Trainers may Dynamax once during battle, and Dynamaxing only lasts three turns, so strategy will be key in using it in battle.

Speaking of battles, similar to Pokemon Go’s raids, groups of up to four players will be able to enter special opportunities to catch wild Dynamaxed Pokemon. Only one trainer may Dynamax, but everyone will have a chance to capture the Pokemon upon defeat.

Dynamaxing has been around in Galar for a while, and most people are used to the idea – the gyms are designed with Dynamaxing in mind, after all, and here Pokemon Fever has hit peak popularity, with battles broadcast on TV and attracting large crowds, not unlike Soccer or Cricket matches in the real-world UK. And this world’s David Beckham is the Champion, Leon – a friendly guy who uses a Charizard in battle. His younger brother – Hop – serves as your rival.

The Professor of this title, Professor Magnolia, is a kindly old woman who longs to uncover the secret of Dynamax. She, alongside her assistant, Sonia, will assist you in your Pokemon journey. It is presumably Magnolia who provides you with a Rotom-possessed Pokedex, which is able to boost your bike’s speed, amongst other things.

This region’s Legendary Pokemon were also revealed – two wolves, each with design elements reminiscent of a sword and shield, named Zacian and Zamazenta. They look swift, regal, and powerful – and, perhaps, at odds with one another, going off the short we were shown…

The title is due to release November 15th of this year for, of course, the Switch. Nintendo did surprise with the reveal of a ‘double pack’ containing both games, though – it’s about time they did something like this! For the full Direct, please find the video attached at the bottom of the article. What do you think of the up-coming generation of Pokemon so far? Leave your thoughts in the comments!