The Pokemon Company streamed a presentation from its offices in Tokyo today, showcasing a variety of new titles coming to mobile, and the Switch.

The first title announced – Pokemon Smile – is not so much a game as it is a lifestyle app. Designed for mobiles, the application is designed to gamify brushing teeth, so that young children develop good dental habits. The title uses augmented reality to allow children to rescue Pokemon from cavity monsters in their mouths, and then rescue them. The app is available for free right now on the Google Play and Apple storefronts.

The next title, Pokemon Cafe Mix, is a casual puzzle title, available for both phones and the Switch. In the game, players take on the role of a barista at a special cafe just for Pokemon – the player fulfil the Pokemon’s orders by successfully linking Pokemon icons together. Pokemon that become especially happy with the cafe over time will join the staff – each Pokemon offers a different way to assist in solving the puzzles. Over time, players can expand their restaurant, and the menu, attracting new Pokemon to the cafe. The game is free, but offers micro transactions. It will be released ‘soon’, with pre-loading available at time of writing.

The next reveal has no doubt relieved a great many Pokemon fan – with a shot of a camera lens, and a familiar-looking buggy, it was quickly revealed that Pokemon Snap was finally getting a sequel. Taking place in a series of islands teeming with Pokemon, the player takes control of an unknown character, taking photos of Pokemon as they pass by in a rail-shooter style format. Called New Pokemon Snap, there is no official release date as of yet, but the title was confirmed to be a fully-fledged game for the Switch.

Next up came Pokemon Go news. 2020’s Pokemon Go Festival will be entirely digital this year, as a result of the current pandemic. The event will also be truly global, allowing anyone to participate. Victini and Megaevolution were also teased as a future release in the title.

To celebrate the release of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion, The Isle of Armor, the developers have patched in a special raid battle featuring the mythical Zeraora into the base game. If 1 Million players beat Zeraora, every single person who catches one will get an additional shiny Zeraora for free. The challenge must be completed by the 28th of June.

What do you think of these announcements? Let us know in the comments – you can watch the full Pokemon Presents below!

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