Today’s showcase was short, but it certainly wasn’t lacking! Here are some of the titles announced in this Partner Showcase!

Monster Hunter: Rise

The next entry in the popular Monster Hunter franchise is coming exclusively to the Switch. In addition to a Palico companion, you get a Palamute – a wolf-like companion you can ride as a steed! The areas in this title are a lot wider and more ready to traverse, be it by Palamute, climbing, or the ethereal grappling hook insect, the Wirebug! More about the title is discussed in the special Monster Hunter Mini Direct, which can be found below.

The title is slated for release on March 26th, 2021.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin

A more traditional RPG is set to take place in the Monster Hunter universe with Stories 2. Following the story of a mysterious girl who is the friend of the Rathlos, and a young and inexperienced hunter named Red, you must work together to solve the mystery of the Rathlos migrations and save the species. The art style for the title is more cartoonish, somewhere along the lines of Breath of the Wild. The title is set for release in 2021.

Fitness Boxing 2: Rhythm & Exercise

The follow-up to the hit exercise game, Fitness Boxing, players can exercise with the original six instructors – or one of the three newcomers – to improve their fitness and hit thier goals! Data from the first game can transfer over, allowing progress to be maintained. The game also features co-op. The title will release on December 4th.

Disgaea 6: Defiance of Destiny

You play as Zed – a zombie who discovers he gets stronger each time he dies, and so begins a plot to take over the Underworld! This time, the damage is out of this world – Want to be Level 100,000,000,000 and deal over a quadrillion damage? NOW YOU CAN! The latest entry in the Disgaea franchise will be releasing exclusively on the Switch in 2021.

An announcement was made that, Disgaea 5 would be available to play for free, for a limited time between the 23rd and 29th of September for Nintendo Online subscribers.

Empire of Sin

A gangster simulator in the vein of Omerta or the original Gangsters game, you play as a gang boss in the 20’s, hoping to take control of Chicago’s underworld by the year 1933. The game is tactical, with management and combat aspects. The title has gaming legend, John Romero, attached.

Sniper Elite 4

Taking place shortly after the events of Sniper Elite V2, you take control of Karl Fairburne, on a small, secluded island off the coast of Italy. What begins as a standard mission to take out Nazi officer Tobias Schmidt quickly gets out of hand. Featuring the series’ X-Ray shooting mechanics, engage in a variety of sniper missions, and take out your targets in unique and interesting ways. The title is planned for release later this year.

Balan Wonderworld

Two children, Leo and Emma, are taken into a mysterious dream world by a sinister being known as Balan. Exploring 12 levels, the kids must utilise 80 different costumes – each with different power-ups and abilities – to find a way to defeat Balan, and escape. This title – taking cues from 3D platformers of old – also features a co-op mode, allowing two players to tackle the levels at the same time. The title is due for release on March 26th, 2021.

Rune Factory 5

Playing as a young amnesiac, your male or female character must find purpose in the town of Rigbark, and become a part of its community as it’s Protection Ranger, making friends, and maybe even a lover. Farming, fishing, crafting, and combat all return in this latest entry in the Rune Factory franchise, but combat’s been expanded upon – new moves, and the ability to perform special combo attacks with partners takes things to a whole new level. How will you settle into life in Rigbark? Find out next year.

Other titles were also briefly touched on during the Direct. These include The Long Dark (Survival RPG – releasing today), PGA Tour 2K21 (Golfing game – releasing September 25th), Hades (Diablo-like -releasing today) and a sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest, called Ori and the Will of the Wisps (RPG – release date to be announced).

So, tell us what you think? Was this Direct a hit or a miss? And as always, a link to the full video may be found below.